Client Media Hits

Check out some of our recent, client media-hits
using small business public relations at:

CBS News Atlanta

Consumers Digest

Energy Efficiency Markets Profile Story

Sunday Feature Story – The Desert Sun – LEDs at Fantasy Springs casino use less powers, save money

Cover Story for LEDs Magazine

Los Angeles Times, Sunday Feature Story

Corp! Magazine

Robert Kiyosaki in “The Republic”

Robert Kiyosaki on “The Philippe Matthews Show”

Enterprise Conversation

TechTalk Radio Interview with Rich Dad’s Shane Caniglia

Diesel Progress North America – September 2012

Ventura County Star

Diesel Progress North American – February 2012 Feature Story

Diesel Progress North American – December 2011

Today’s Honoree

Tech News World

Computer World

IT World

PC World


Network World

Tech World


1M Blog

Innovate Montana

PRNewswire Profnet Expert of the Week

SJF Institute “Employees Matter” Case Study Report

The Los Angeles Times Technology Feature Exclusive of Robert Kiyosaki


NPR, Morning Edition


Little PINK Book

National Examiner

Printing Impressions (Cover Story)

Promotional Products Industry Video Interview

Los Angeles Times

The Wall Street Journal

Winning Workplaces

Fox Television and Associated Press

Advantages Magazine

New York Post

B toB Online

KBZK Television

The City Wire

Pink Magazine “Little Pink Book”

Business Week

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

CIO Update

BtoB named one of the top 500 Internet Retailers in The Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide (2009 edition),,0,4533316.story,0,6503166.story

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