With SEO content strategy and public relations, you will boost sales, awareness and credibility fast… just like our clients!

Due to targeted, SEO content-strategy and public-relations activities, our clients have increased site traffic and revenues, won numerous, business awards and appeared in major media such as: The Discovery Channel, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Inc., BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, The Associated Press, USA Today, BtoB, CNNfn, MSNBC, HGTV, SBTV, eBay Radio, eWomen Network Radio, and many more.

To see client, media-clip samples, please click here.

And here’s what some of our clients have to say:

American Roads, LLC
“With her media and communication expertise, Melanie Rembrandt
helped us squelch online rumors from developing into a major
problem within days. After assessing the situation, creating a
personal letter, teaching our team about social media, and securing
two feature stories on the front page of the local paper, Melanie
helped us turn a potential situation that could have impacted
revenue into positive results with great publicity and increased
public awareness. Thank you and we look forward to an ongoing

Neal Belitsky, American Roads CEO

American Writers & Artists, Inc.
“Melanie Rembrandt is a reliable copywriter who communicates
information in a way that is user-friendly and engaging. When
creating her Secrets of Becoming a Publicist program, very little
editing was necessary. This saved us time and money and allowed us
to get the program to market faster.”

Katie Yeakle, American Writers & Artists, Inc. Executive Director

“Working with Melanie Rembrandt can reduce your stress level! In
addition to writing her PR program for us, I can always rely on
Melanie to provide the SEO and PR copy I need within tight
deadlines. Plus, she engages our members with excellent, in-person
and online speaking presentations that offer valuable information
and help sell our products and services.”

Rebecca Matter, AWAI Co-Managing Partner, and Wealthy Web Writer

“Melanie is a dedicated, knowledgeable PR expert with just the
right combination of caring, finesse, and determination. Melanie
recently completed an engaging, very well-written home-study
program for AWAI called “Secrets of Being a Publicist” which shows
you in detail how to build your own PR firm. Melanie’s upbeat,
go-getter attitude shows through in her writing and she has the
ability to break down complex tasks into simple, easy-to-understand
pieces. Melanie is definitely THE expert in the PR field! She’s
very personable, easy to work with and completes all of her
projects on schedule (or ahead of schedule).

I highly recommend her for any PR or copywriting opportunities you
have available and would definitely work with her again!”

Tammy Lawman, AWAI

Ann Arbor YMCA
“We hired Melanie to assist us with crisis communications planning
as well as public relations. She has helped us write press releases
and pitch stories to local and national media outlets to promote
our community outreach and fitness programs. Melanie’s efforts and
extensive media contacts have gained us national media coverage for
a major health and fitness program that we are piloting. I enjoy
working with her and highly recommend her for her extensive
experience, professionalism and responsiveness.”

Marcia Luke-van Dijk, Ann Arbor YMCA Marketing Director

Brandango Incorporated
“Melanie has a dedication to her clients that far exceeds the norm
in her industry. Melanie was able to get me the media exposure with
well known publications where others had failed. Melanie not only
is dedicated to help her clients, she goes the extra mile to
formulate a good friendship with you. Having Melanie on my team has
been instrumental to my PR success. If you hire Melanie’s firm from
this recommendation and you don’t get the results you want I will
personally give you back 2 X your money.”

Michael Lara, Brandango Incorporated,

Christy Curtis Buss, “All About Christy”
“I am writing my testimonial for the most top nitch PR and marketing campaign
for my new business. To start, as one of the most trustworthy professional there
is on all levels, I respect Melanie and let her guide me to the right decisions for my
new business. These are the results of her hard work as we continue to rise even
further in the next, coming months. Through her content-marketing-strategy
expertise to launch our new business, Melanie Rembrandt increased our online
awareness over 450 times and video viewership over 7 times within a matter of
weeks. She exceeded our goals of creating the right message at the right time and
targeting the appropriate audience to get results. Thank you, Melanie.”

Christy Curtis Buss, Los Angeles Lakers family member, celebrity choreographer and entrepreneur

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.
“In a matter of months of hiring Melanie Rembrandt of Rembrandt
Communications, she secured a feature article in one of our targeted
publications and created a detailed, PR and search engine optimization
plan specific to our goals. Melanie is a dedicated professional who cares
about our business success, and we are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Charles Call, Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. CEO

“Because of the feature story in ‘Diesel Progress’ that Melanie Rembrandt got
for us, our company saw an immediate increase in sales and $94,000 worth
of new orders.”

Peter Tuckerman, President, Emissions Retrofit Group, Sacramento, CA

“Melanie, your professionalism is outstanding. I appreciate your organizational skills,
SEO copy providing value to our customers and PR work resulting in five, feature
articles in our target market.”

Kristi Cushing, Manager, Investor Relations, Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

“Melanie Rembrandt prepared our newsletter, social media
and e-mail processes quickly so that we could start engaging new
customers and offer valuable information when our business
launched. From her SEO and publicity work, we saw an
increase in site visitors, newsletter registrants, online awareness,
and third-party credibility right away.”

Julie Crotty, Cleavitz Founder

“Thanks, Melanie! You’ve been great to work with.”

Terri Stone, Editor-In Chief

Dan Kennedy, “The Millionaire Maker” and Copywriting Guru Melanie and Dan Kennedy
“Many of you know or at least know of Melanie Rembrandt, a successful copywriter. Her new book, ‘Simple Publicity’, is a solid, how-to book well worth reading and having – get it at Amazon or It’s got plenty of checklists, templates do’s and don’ts, resources.”

“Every conversation I’ve had with you, including at my Business Of Copywriting Academy,  tells me you’re a very smart cookie developing a solid business.”

Dan Kennedy, internationally recognized as the “Millionaire Maker,” best-selling author of the “No B.S.” book series, speaker, and advertising copywriter.

Dance Gallery Foundation and Peter Sparling Dance Company
“Dance Gallery Studio and Peter Sparling Dance Company are so very
pleased with the wonderful media relations work you do on our
behalf. Your expertise on building a relationship with the media,
advice on our marketing and sales writing, and prompt delivery of
services has been a huge help. Since our move into a beautiful, new
studio, we’re growing in size and program scope. We couldn’t, and
wouldn’t, be creating Ann Arbor’s only non-profit center for dance
without Rembrandt Communications on board. Thank you for your
careful attention to detail and caring belief in our work.”

Carol Thompson, Past Dance Gallery/Peter Sparling Dance Company
Executive Director

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
“By working with Melanie Rembrandt, we quickly updated our site
with the appropriate search engine optimization coding, keywords
and, most important, the valuable content new customers need to use
our services. This increased our site’s visibility via the search
engines and also increased our site traffic.”

Carolyn Brown, Detroit Windsor Tunnel, Executive Vice President

“Melanie Rembrandt is a responsible professional who worked
diligently to get us the targeted publicity coverage we needed
while meeting our tight deadline and budget. If you are looking for
a public relations expert that gets results, look no further than
Rembrandt Communications.”

Neal Belitsky, CFM, Detroit & Canada Tunnel Corporation Executive
Vice President and General Manager

DoubleNet Pay
“As a new company, we needed someone with extensive experience and a specific
combination of skills to help us develop and edit sales presentations, write marketing
and website collateral optimized for the search engines, and talk to media members
and potential clients. A seasoned, SEO content-marketing strategist and publicist,
Melanie stepped into the role and immediately created materials that helped sell
our financial wellness solution to large partners within a matter of weeks. Her critical
thinking and versatility have been key in helping us define and optimize our market
strategy.  We are now looking at a future of fast growth  and hope to keep Melanie
on our team to continue our journey of success.”

Keith Soranno, CEBS, DoubleNet Pay VP-Sales

eePulse, Inc.
“We’ve worked with other PR firms, but we never received the type
of personal, professional attention that Melanie has provided to
our organization. She really took the time to get to know our
business, and as a result, even with a very limited budget and
rushed deadlines, Melanie Rembrandt always provides personalized
attention, excellent media placements focused on our target market
and valuable, original content. Melanie is a dedicated, public
relations professional and talented writer who helps her clients
meet goals, increase brand awareness and reach higher levels of

Theresa Welbourne, Ph.D., eePulse, Inc. Founder and CEO

Employment Wizard/CareerSite
“Working independently on an extremely limited budget, Melanie
quickly implemented a successful public relations program and
aggressively pursued all potential media opportunities.”

Ed Farrell, Past CareerSite Vice President, Marketing and Co-Founder

Generational Wealth Coach, Theo Nix, Jr., Esq.
“I hired Melanie Rembrandt to help me establish my brand as a national speaker on
generational wealth. She provided a specific outline of the tactics and strategies needed,
acquired some key, media attention for me right away and offered tips to move forward
in the most cost-effective way possible. If you are looking for a BtoB content strategist
and publicist, I highly recommend Rembrandt Communications.”
“In this short time, Melanie, you have us re-energized and
re-directed. Our new web site is in progress and we’re
reformulating our strategy. Thank You!”

Rich Lewine, Quantum Voyage, Inc. President

“In an effort to build buzz about our business, we were referred by
a trusted business associate to Melanie Rembrandt at Rembrandt
Communications®, LLC. Melanie helped us create a PR and marketing
action plan to reach out to media members, add search engine
optimization to our new Web site copy and communicate with new and
current customers.

Due to her efforts we received major mentions in Forbes, The
Associated Press, DM News, Scripps Howard News Service,
Pink Magazine, Small Biz America Radio, StartupNation, and many other
national, media venues that helped build credibility, awareness and sales.

And due to her SEO copywriting and marketing ideas, we saw an increase
in site traffic. Melanie is a reliable professional. And if you are looking for
someone who can act as an extension of your team and produce results
quickly, I highly recommend giving Melanie a call.”

Steve Roderick, CEO

Griffin Restaurant Group
“I was very satisfied with the results and would not hesitate to
recommend you to business associates of mine or a potential client
of yours. As with any service, I asked myself whether the benefit
outweighed the cost. The only way to answer this question was to
give you the chance to demonstrate that benefit. You have clearly
shown value to me, and should you want to pass on my name to
future, potential clients, I would be happy to talk to them about
what you did for me.”

Gordon Matthews, Griffin Restaurant Group Vice President

InterSight Technologies, Inc.
“The power of getting media visibility for your company is
invaluable, but it is an extremely difficult process. Melanie
Rembrandt, publicity expert and published writer, is one of the
best we’ve found. Not only has she been able to take highly
technical information and make it accessible to the mainstream, she
has the character qualities that are necessary to successfully
obtain media hits; namely commitment, pride and professionalism. As
an outsourced expert, Melanie has been a tremendous value to us.”

John Siverling, InterSight Technologies, Inc. Chief Financial

“As a new Mompreneur working out of both Germany and the United
States, I was looking for a trustworthy publicist who could deliver
results as cost-effectively as possible. Not only did Melanie
Rembrandt help jexbo increase awareness and credibility through
fast and active public relations and writing efforts, but she
provided excellent support and advice to help start and grow our
business. If you are looking for a publicist who will act as an
extension of your team and really care about your success, hire
Rembrandt Communications!”

Jill Exler, jexbo CEO

Katie Lance Consulting, #GetSocialSmartAcademyKatie Lance testimonial for Melanie Rembrandt
“Melanie Rembrandt is a true, content professional who helped me organize and edit all of my data to create my new book, ‘#GetSocialSmart.’ If you want someone on your team to provide valuable copywriting, editing, PR, and SEO skills that get fast results, I highly recommend you give Melanie a call before the competition does!”

Katie Lance CEO/Founder, Katie Lance Consulting

The Kolb Team
“Melanie Rembrandt prepared and executed an SEO content-marketing strategy
that increased our online awareness quickly and cost-effectively. This lead to new
customers calling our office and increased sales for our real estate agency.”

Becky Kolb, Realtor, ABR, SRES,

LEDtronics, Inc.
“Within a short amount of time of working with LEDtronics, Inc., Melanie secured a Sunday feature story in the Los Angeles Times and The Desert Sun, a cover story in LEDs Magazine and other, targeted media-stories for us. Her PR and SEO content strategies have helped us increase our site traffic and build positive word-of-mouth quickly. More importantly, Melanie has quickly educated herself to our objectives and strategic direction and has provided valuable suggestions which have contributed to our efforts to achieve those objectives and implement our strategic plans.”

Larry Rallo, LEDtronics, Inc. Business Development Manager

Little PINK Book – PINK®
“I truly enjoyed working with you and listening to you present at the conference. You are such an engaging and dynamic speaker!”

Danielle Adamson, Little PINK Book

Logokinesis Publishing
“Melanie Rembrandt is a professional, highly personable author and editor. 48 hours after she put her editing touch on my article, it
was sold to the magazine of my choice. Unbelievable!”

Nicola Conraths-Lange, Logokinesis Publishing Co-founder

Michael Bellomo, Author
“Melanie’s PR work is both professional and personal. When my book on how to pass the Law School Admissions Test was published, she
helped get me published in newspapers seen directly by my core audience college students seeking an “edge” in law school admissions. I highly recommend her as an excellent choice for authors or entrepreneurs who want to break into mainstream or alternative media.”

Michael Bellomo, author of 16 books on science, law and business, including “LSAT Exam Cram,” “eBay Your Business,” “Itanium Rising,”
and “Microbe: Are We Ready For The Next Plague?”

Mod Girl Marketing
“I hired Melanie Rembrandt after a long search for an experienced, B2B writer for a complex client of Mod Girl’s. When I was introduced to Melanie and reviewed her work, I knew she was the right choice for our client. Melanie is a very talented writer who learns and adapts quickly to any situation. Our client is very pleased with her work, and she never misses a deadline. Melanie is very professional and her communication is superb. I am big on communication and I will be the first to admit that Melanie has surprised me multiple times with her above-average response time and overall communication with my team, making sure the client is happy and her content pieces are on point with the expectations. In addition to Melanie’s exceptional writing skills, she is also a great researcher and content strategist, finding relevant industry-related content pieces for our client’s blog topics. It is refreshing to work with such a talented and professional writer like Melanie, who takes her projects seriously and respects my team and our client. I highly recommend Melanie to any company looking for an experienced and talented B2B writer who doesn’t need hand-holding and exceeds expectations. I look forward to working with Melanie on future projects!”

Mandy McEwen, Mod Girl Marketing Founder and President

MyFitnessPal – Tara-Nicholle Nelson
“As a small business owner and new author, Rembrandt
Communications helped me significantly increase brand
recognition and credibility quickly and cost-effectively. Melanie
Rembrandt is a reliable professional who combines extensive
PR and copywriting expertise with fresh creativity to product
targeted results.”

Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Esq., {RE}Think Real Estate Founder and
Chief Visionary, CMO as a service, Content + Positioning Strategist.
Board President, City Slicker Farms. Former VP Mktg, MyFitnessPal
“After working with other public relations professionals, we turned
to Rembrandt Communications, LLC to help us cost-effectively build
brand awareness. Melanie Rembrandt worked closely with our team to
discover our unique messaging and promote it to the press. In only
a few months, she obtained a feature story and targeted media
coverage for us that produced results. Melanie is an experienced
expert who acts as an extension of our team and aggressively
pursues all opportunities. If you want to build brand awareness and
credibility through focused public relations and writing efforts,
look no further than Rembrandt Communications.”

Andrew Field, President and CEO

“After being disappointed with our previous public relations firms,
I turned to Melanie and Rembrandt Communications. I was amazed by
the personal attention, communication and the effectiveness of her
pitching and public relations efforts. Thanks to Melanie, has enjoyed several months of great media
exposure. Thanks Melanie!”

Nick Runyon, Past Director of Marketing

“Working closely with our team, Rembrandt Communications helped us
develop an action plan based on the seven basic PR guidelines that
complimented our unique company story. In just a few months we
obtained a feature article in one of our targeted publications.”

Daniel Gaugler, Vice President of Marketing

Quantum Voyage, Inc.
“Good job! Your press release increased quality visitors to by 50% and demo site visits by 20%.”

Richard Lewine, Quantum Voyage, Inc. President

Quick Couponing, LLC
“Hiring Rembrandt Communications has proven to be a great step for my business. Currently I am working with Melanie Rembrandt and have been completely impressed with her level of expertise and knowledge in what steps are necessary to get more mainstream exposure for my business.  In our first major press release project, Melanie helped increase the traffic to our website by over 200% and has also created a strategy to help drive increased traffic and sales to the website. I am excited about the projects that Melanie is working on for us over the next few months and thrilled that Rembrandt Communications has been able to make professional and expert public relations affordable for a young growing business.”

Pamela Davis, Quick Couponing Founder and CEO

RE/MAX Leading EdgeChristine George praises SEO by Melanie Rembrnadt
“Melanie Rembrandt did a complete, SEO analysis for us and provided honest information to help our business increase site traffic without wasting time or money. Melanie tells it like it is and will give you the honest truth about your SEO content marketing strategy and tactics… something rare in today’s world.”

Christine George, President, Marketing and Business Development, RE/MAX Leading Edge,

RockIt Body Pilates®
“Melanie Rembrandt helped us get the credibility and awareness
we needed in front of our target market within weeks. With so much
competition in the fitness world, Melanie became our secret weapon for
building buzz fast. Melanie Rocks!”

Judie Aronson, RockIt Body Pilates

Rosewood Properties
“Melanie Rembrandt of Rembrandt Communications, is a very talented writer and
updated our Website content with the appropriate, and unique, SEO content fast.
Because of her work, we started to see our site-traffic triple within days.”

Kathleen Sims, Broker/CEO

Shadow Oak Studios
“When my clients need public relations and SEO copywriting work,
Melanie Rembrandt of Rembrandt Communications is my go-to
expert. She is a joy to work with, meets deadlines and exceeds client

Lori Haller, Shadow Oak Studio Graphic Design Owner and author
of “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Highly Profitable Graphic
Design Business.”

SmallBiz America
“I’ve been working around the entire spectrum of marketing communications over my 25+ year career. David Wolf of SmallBiz America

Big brands, little, and all of those in between.

Not only is Melanie Rembrandt is the consummate professional to work with, but she is an absolute authority on public relations, copywriting, brand development, content marketing and all things relating to driving more business for her clients.

Melanie deeply understands the importance of providing her clients solution-oriented strategies that produce results; not just producing pretty pictures and flashy stories that are distributed everywhere and anywhere, but engineering content strategies that produce results that convert to measurable sales. I continue to work with Melanie, and recommend her highly for my own clients and for any businesses looking to grow their top line.”

David Wolf, Founder
Smallbiz America – A Content Marketing Company

“Melanie’s efforts in disseminating our message truly helped
SmartCollector broaden our reach, increase our website traffic, and
grow our community. I really appreciated the professional and
thorough manner in which Melanie helped SmartCollector achieve our
communication goals.”

Chuck Fuller, Past SmartCollector Marketing and Business
Development Manager

“We hired Melanie Rembrandt to work on an original newsletter and
create some publicity for our budding company, StartupNation. Just
as we expected, she turned out to be a superstar writer and

Through her hard work and dedication, Melanie created an overall
public relations plan and secured articles for us in targeted
publications including: The New York Times, The Detroit Free Press,
The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, Hispanic
Trends and many others. She also scheduled television and radio
interviews for us during our “Success in the U.S. Tour” on CNNfn,
First Business, Focus: Atlanta, Sunday Morning, Comcast Newsmakers,
Channel 7 News, The Bob Christopher Show, WEBY, WIOD, eWomen
Network and a host of other media venues nationwide.

Due in part to her efforts, we were successful in establishing
business relationships with Fortune Small Business, Home Business
Magazine, Worthwhile Magazine, Biz Best Media, Invent That in the
U.K., Junior Achievement, numerous chambers of commerce and other
influential organizations. Melanie was able to set important
meetings for us on a monthly basis depending on which region we
were traveling to at a particular time.

While completing her public relations duties, Melanie also found
time to ghostwrite successful articles, books, online content and
marketing materials for us under a tight deadline. In addition, she
helped train our interns, assisted with events, wrote winning award
entries, fixed website errors, prepared marketing presentations and
provided media training.”

Jeff and Rich Sloan, StartupNation Co-founders, StartupNation Radio
Co-hosts and business experts

SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting

“I’ve worked withHeather Lloyd Martin works with Melanie Rembrandt copywriter Melanie Rembrandt for many years, and she is a reliable, SEO copywriter who gives her clients valuable content pertinent to their target market, goals and deadlines. With her combination of extensive public relations and content marketing skills, she provides a unique perspective that can help any business increase sales and awareness quickly. I’ve referred Melanie to many clients, and they are always thrilled with her work.”

Heather Lloyd-Martin
CEO, SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting,

Tastee Apple, Inc.
“If you need help growing and protecting your brand, contact Melanie Rembrandt.
During a crisis situation, Melanie worked quickly and helped us avoid potential
problems and loss of sales. In addition, she used her content-strategy knowledge to
create buzzworthy blogs, press materials, social-media posts, newsletters, and more
to increase credibility and awareness for Tastee Apple, Inc.”

Greg Hackenbracht, Tastee Apple, Inc. Founder and CEO

The Marriage Movement
“Because of Melanie’s Rembrandt’s content skills, I was able to book a top celebrity for my new business,”

Ashida Onrae, The Marriage Movement Founder and  CEO
Producer and On-Camera host of Black Hollywood Live’s Phenomenal Women founded by Maria Menounos

The Rich Dad Company
“In a matter of days, Melanie Rembrandt was able to get our specific, technology message out to a new audRich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki with Melanie Rembrandtience. What sets her apart is her ability to use her SEO copywriting and communication expertise on behalf of technology for the Rich Dad brand, AND clearly define the process along the way.  The technology and marketing teams at Rich Dad have new insight on professional communication thanks to Melanie.”

Marian Van Dyke, The Rich Dad Company Director of Marketing and Product Integration

Under Armour Connected Fitness and MyFitness Pal
“Melanie Rembrandt created insightful and credible articles for Under Armour that provided value to our customers and helped to increase online awareness. She never misses a deadline, and her professional and upbeat demeanor make her a joy to work with.”

Tara Nicholle Nelson, VP, Marketing – MyFitnessPal + Under Armour Connected Fitness

Xtend-Life™ Natural Products
“Melanie Rembrandt has worked with us for several years and has helped us increase online awareness and credibility fast via targeted, SEO content-strategy and PR processes. She is a reliable professional who provides results specific to client-needs… on time and within budget.”

Warren Matthews, Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl.) Ltd, Founder and Chairman

Zaker ChiropracticMisa Zaker, D.C. recommends content strategist Melanie Rembrandt
“I want to start off by saying the service that I have received so far from Melanie has been nothing short of amazing. Within the past two years, I opened two wellness centers in the South Bay. I did not have much experience in SEO marketing or anything that went with it. It is hard to judge the effectiveness of someone’s work when you are not knowledgeable in that field. This is where Melanie stands out more than other people in her field that I have worked with in the past. She takes the time to explain the importance of each task that she is working on. And better yet, she does it all while staying within your budget. It is very important to work with someone that understands your field of work and communicates with you at all times. With that knowledge, Melanie is able to construct an effective game plan to ensure your business growth while staying within your budget. I strongly recommend her to any business owner that wants to see fast and steady growth.”

Misa Zaker, D.C., Zaker Chiropractic Owner



“Melanie, Thanks so much — you were a true beacon in a sea of craziness.”

Lisa Mogensen, Founder,


“I contacted Melanie needing guidance on how to access a media clip
that gave me national exposure. She immediately responded and
referred me to one of the best companies in the business. But she
didn’t stop there – she followed up and thanked me for contacting
her. What a customer experience!”

Donna L. Johnson, Public Speaker and Business Coach,


“I subscribed to the website about 3 months
ago, and ever since then, I have been receiving amazing training of
how to effectively promote my website by utilizing cost-effective
and simple techniques, instead of spending lots of money to do so.
Her strategy of advertising company websites has been a proven
success for my website.

As a result of following her incredible knowledge, techniques, and
teachings, I have landed a very lucrative business module to jump
start my current website revenue stream. So, whatever she says,
please do it. It will be the most cost-saving, web marketing method
that one will ever see. Here is a sneak preview of what Ms
Rembrandt’s training has helped me achieve Thanks for all your help Melanie!
You rock!!”

Glenford S Robinson, BS, CLS, (ASCP),


“Dear Melanie: I love your newsletters. I read them all the time. I
am way behind in my goals for my website but am inspired to
keep moving forward when your newsletter pops into my email.
Just a note of thanks.”

Kim Stewart, Managing Member, Cuvee Kitchen Apparel, LLC,


“Melanie you are fantastic. For you to take time out of your
schedule to email me personally is a wonderful blessing.”

C.J. Small, Author, Speaker, Life Coach,

“Melanie, Thank You as always! Your blog has helped me so much! In
fact, I was busy updating my website earlier as a result of press
coverage at an event on Sunday. My business was even mentioned
separately in the NY Daily News that day! I owe the success of the
event in no small part to your weekly PR tips and ideas.”

Sonia Wilson, Publicist and Fund Raising Consultant,


“Your PR podcasts are excellent and really inspiring. I listened
to them earlier on this year and I was so inspired that I ended up
successfully contacting a celebrity chef, an MP and some TV
presenters, who all agreed to come to my launch event. So thank you
very much for your advise. You’re making a valued difference to a
lot of us out here. So thank you for helping.”

Rubana Ahmad
Founder of Ethika-fairtrade occasionwear for women,
Birmingham/United Kingdom


“I really enjoyed your training program. It was exciting and thorough.”

“Melanie Rembrandt has to be one of the best Public Relations specialists I have ever met!
She has helped me tremendously with my Public Relations writing career. I continue to
follow her advice regularly.”

Raquel Schuh, Copywriter and Publicist


“I love your new article on website copy.  I thought it was
great and got a lot out of it.”

D’Layna Huguez-Dixon,


“Melanie Rembrandt’s eBook, ‘Secrets of Becoming a Publicist,’
taught me the basics of public relations. It’s easy-to-read and
simple to follow. In just a few days after reading it I created a
press release, media kit and online newsroom. And I’m already
pitching prospective clients about my PR services. Thanks to

Melanie, I’ve gained the expertise and confidence to be a

Jeff Traister, Traister Creative LLC,

“I recently attended Melanie Rembrandt’s B2B virtual webinar on content strategy,
writing blogs and articles, and working with clients on their projects. I came away
with valuable tips and strategies to improve my writing skills, client relations and
that will improve sales for both my clients and me. In fact, I used several tips
immediately and I’m seeing results already. I would recommend this webinar to
every B2B writer who wants to build a strong blogging and online article writing business.”

Steve Maurer – Steve Maurer Freelance Writing,

Media Testimonials:

“I just finished reading “Simple Publicity” by Melanie Rembrandt and I
must say, it is packed with practical knowledge of the complicated world
of PR and marketing. Melanie does an outstanding job outlining what today’s
organizations need to do to create a well thought out and strategically-focused
PR campaign, one that works! I recommend this book to any organization,
large or small, looking to gain a better understanding of how to leverage their
PR efforts for maximum exposure.”

Elliot Markowitz, Past Senior Vice President, Ziff Davis Enterprise,
Director, Content Marketing Services at Madison Logic

“Thanks for all your help. I appreciate your fast communications and look forward
to working with you again. You were fabulous!”

Audra Lowe, Better TV Host,

Kim Power Stilson


“I enjoy working with Melanie Rembrandt to book guests on my radio program. She is professional, works quickly and gives me the information I need to have the best interviews possible. Plus, she’s really fun to work with!”

Kim Power Stilson, Radio Host of the Kim Power Stilson Show on on SiriusXM 143, R.I.P. 2016

“Melanie Rembrandt is a total joy to work with. She seems to always
have a new idea or angle on how to leverage our assets at Smallbiz
America. Melanie is a content contributor at Smallbiz America and
has a steady stream of seemingly endless tips on how to leverage
the power of PR for any business. She is extremely attentive to
details both in content and logistics, and knows the business of
public relations inside and out.”

David Wolf, America Markets Media, Ltd,

“I have worked with Melanie Rembrandt for over 10 years, and I highly recommend her content-marketing, SEO copywriting and PR services. As the author of three books on PR and copywriting, and an experienced expert, she knows how to write copy that sells and offers valuable information to targeted markets. Plus, she is a joy to work with! If you want to increase your site traffic, sales, online reputation, and more quickly and cost-effectively, contact her via Rembrandt Communications now and secure your spot as one of her clients!”

Dominick Miserandino
CEO of Dysleximedia

“Like a farmer, you are outstanding in your field!”
Mike Brezonick, Senior Vice President, Associate Publisher & Editor In Chief, Diesel Progress
“You’re really on the ball. Every time. I got some good quotes for
my article. Thanks again!”

Pat Olsen, Writer for The New York Times
Review at StartupNation Radio:

“Melanie’s Step-By-Step Guide is a Winner! Melanie is a great publicist
and PR pro, and her book is full of great advice and “to do” lists.
It is a great resource for all small businesses that need PR and
don’t know how to get it.  This is a fun book to read, an easy book
to use, and any company or solopreneur can benefit from this.”

Mark Amtower, Consultant, Author, Speaker, CEO Coach and Radio Host,

“Melanie Rembrandt is one of those publicists who knows how to
approach editors and reporters with the right message. Due to her
professionalism and work ethic, I have worked with Melanie on
numerous occasions to find resources for my small business column.
I know I can rely on her to provide excellent information by
deadline time.”

Bruce Freeman, Columnist, The Small Business Professor, Scripps
Howard News Service,

“On behalf of Nielsen Business Media, I wish to thank you Melanie
for all your efforts and hard work in assisting in our mission to
help our small business clients. What set Melanie apart for us was
her genuine interest and enthusiasm to contribute to our small
business site. Melanie has a solid understanding, proven expertise,
and the creative mindset needed to succeed and help bring out her
clients’ public relations message.”

Philip Mathew, Small Business Editor, Nielsen Business Media

“As a journalist, I really appreciate working with Melanie. She is
one of the most proactive and easy to work with PR professionals I
have had the pleasure of dealing with. I am sure her clients must
love her!”

Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor,

“It was because of her professional approach to public relations
and her writing ability that we asked her to serve on the
magazine’s editorial committee…”

Tom Faulkner, Publisher/Managing Editor IHRIM Publications

“Melanie is the type of professional every journalist dreams about.
She returns phone calls and e-mails with amazing speed and gets you
the interview and information you need.”

Amy Linn Freelance writer and editor; former senior editor of Outside
Magazine; 25 years of experience in major U.S. newspapers and

“Melanie Rembrandt’s response time is incredibly impressive, and
she made my job easier as a writer on deadline.”

Samara Leigh, Freelance writer for All Things Girl, She Unlimited
and Shades Magazine
“I enjoyed featuring Melanie Rembrandt on my television program
Michigan Entrepreneur. She’s creative, resourceful, and a pleasure
to work with. Her focus, enthusiasm, and dedication to delivering
high quality work for her client¨le serves as a wonderful example
to other aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Tara Kachaturoff
Michigan Entrepreneur Television Creator, Producer, Host


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