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Published Books:Melanie Rembrandt Presentation at AWAI

Simple Publicity,” (1Win Press)

Secrets of Becoming a Publicist” (AWAI Publishers)

7 Steps to Successful Public Relations” (StartupNation)


Regular Columns about SEO BtoB Content Strategy, Health, Technology, Public Relations, Small Business, and More:

Under Armour

Little PINK Book

SmallBiz America


Tech Blogs


Nielsen’s Past Small Business Resource Center

Rembrandt Communications – SEO Content Strategy and PR Blog

Website Content:

Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman


Robert Kiyosaki’s “Truth About Money” Campaign

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki Live Chat for “Midas Touch”

Clean Diesel Technologies


Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki  – Resources Page

Detroit Windsor Tunnel

B.I.G., Inc. Website Copy

Dance Full Out

Beach Express



Bay Shore Home Sales


Technology and BtoB:

TechTalk Radio Interview with Rich Dad’s Shane Caniglia

Diesel Progress North America – September 2012

1M Blog

Diesel Progress North American – February 2012 Feature Story

Success Magazine Feature Article

Diesel Progress North American – December 2011

Laser Therapy Article

Today’s Honoree- Kim Kiyosaki

AAA Living – “Tunnel Improvements Ease Border Crossing”

Dance Magazine

American Writers & Artists Inc.

The Barefoot Writer

Oil and Gas Investor

Quoted on CBS MoneyWatch

E-Mail Campaigns:

eMail Blast Increases Site Traffic by 1200% and Client Newsletter Subscribers by 583%!

Beach Express – letter stops crisis from escalating.

American Roads Customer E-Mail

Search Engine Optimization – Social Media:

Tribune Media Column

Tastee Apple

Xtend-Life Natural Products