What’s Your Plan?

Congratulations! You turned your idea into a business, and it’s time for the big launch. Now, you have public relations activities, SEO copywriting, marketing, social media, and other, activities to handle.

It can be overwhelming… especially, if you are working with a small team.

Well, don’t worry. All you need is some organization and to:

Create an Action Plan.

Before you start any of your communications with customers, investors, partners, and more, it’s important to think about your message.

  • What do you want people to know about your business?
  • Why are you unique?
  • What benefits do you offer?

Once you know exactly what you want to say, make a list of all of your business activities. These may include:

Public Relations

  • Who are you going to pitch?
  • What story ideas are you going to share?
  • What events and news do you need to promote?
  • Do you have an online newsroom and media kit ready to go?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting

  • Is your Website optimized for the search engines?
  • Do you have a list of SEO keywords to use in all your communications?
  • Do you have landing pages prepared for each of your products and/or services?
  • Is your site listed with all of the search engines?


  • How are you going to reach out to customers?
  • Do you have online and print marketing materials ready?
  • Do you have customer-service processes in place to handle new orders?
  • Do you have Google Analytics or other mechanisms ready to track customer requests, clicks and interests?
  • What kind of campaigns are you running and when?

Social Media

  • Is your target-audience using social media to get information?
  • Are you going to write blogs and create videos?
  • Can you update Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other, social-media accounts regularly?
  • What messaging needs to go out related to your PR and marketing activities?
  • How are you going to track results?

Write it Down.

Yes, this takes time. But by writing down all of your activities and messaging, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished for your launch. Then, you can create a timeline for all of your events, assign tasks and develop appropriate deadlines.

Plus, if you see there is just too much work for your team, you’ll know exactly what you need to outsource to an intern or outside professional.

With an overall, action plan, you can stay organized and sane. You’ve taken the big step to start your own business. Now, stay on the road to success by organizing your activities and messaging, creating timelines and tracking results.

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