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Why SEO Blogs?

Yes, you've heard of blogs and tried them for your business. Maybe you currently write your own or have someone do it for you.
  • But what kind of results do you get?
  • Do you even track results?
  • Do you have a blog plan?
  • Are you getting the most out of each blog possible?
If not, you aren't really in the driver's seat of your content and are missing some great opportunities! (Plus, you are wasting a whole lot of time, money and effort!)


What Is An SEO Blog?
  • Originally called a "Web Log," blogs have grown into so much more. Now, blogs are unique pieces of online content that are at least 300 words. They range from being opinion pieces to news announcements to mini articles and more. SEO blogs, or search engine optimization blogs, are pieces of content written with just the right coding, links, words, photos, and more so that the search engines can actually find them online.
Why Do I Need SEO Blogs?
You can...
  • Win a competitive edge. When a potential customer is looking for your products and services, can they find your blogs online? Well, if your competition has their blogs optimized for the search engines and you don't, you lose a potential sale!
  • Know what works in real-time. You can track the results of your SEO blogs to see what works best. If you see that your target market likes a particular topic, you can write more about that subject. If an SEO blog doesn't get much attention, you can make changes immediately or provide brand new content to increase engagement.
  • Provide unique value. By giving your current and potential customers valuable insights, tips, entertaining stories, and more that they can actually use, you build credibility. This is one-of-a-kind information they can't get anywhere else. Plus, SEO blogs allow you to share the content when and where you want to share it with your own, unique spin.
  • Own your content. Let's hear an overall sigh of relief! With SEO blogs, you own the content. Various social media sites can't take it down if you post it on your site. People can't copy and use this data without your permission and you have control! Woot! Woot!
  • Boost buzz. If you provide valuable, entertaining content that resonates with your target market (and is coded correctly), they will want to share it with others. Your blogs are seen worldwide, 24/7 so you can generate awareness while you sleep.
  • Save thousands of dollars and hours on copywriting. An SEO blog isn't just an SEO blog. With the right plan, it can be used in your marketing materials, social media posts, news collateral, emails, newsletters, and more. Plus, you can even turn it into a book! In a matter of weeks, you can have a massive amount of intellectual property to use in numerous ways to generate new sales, awareness and authority... without spending a dime more!! And you don't need to spend time writing it yourself. I'm sure there are many other things you'd like to be doing. But you may wonder...
How Do You Know My Industry?
While you may think you need to hire someone who specifically knows your industry to do your writing, it's not necessary. All it takes is some detailed research, interviews and competitor data to start writing valuable content. Plus, have you ever thought that you may be "too close" to the information to see what your target market finds unique and interesting right now? 
Why Does Experience Matter?
Let's say you have an inexpensive copywriter creating your blogs. They follow a set template, insert the information and move on. Plus, you probably don't get any of the SEO wins from it or any kind of reporting to know what's really going on. And worst of all, your customers know it's a generic template and couldn't care less about the information. In this case, you actually pay to make a bad impression!
Instead, what if you could have an experienced content marketing strategist who:
  • Listens to your needs;
  • Conducts research to learn about your industry, customers and competition;
  • Provides a keyword phrase target list unique to you and your business;
  • Writes interesting and valuable content specifically for you;
  • Includes all of the appropriate coding, links, keywords, images, and more to your SEO blogs;
  • Tracks results and checks the competition;
  • Communicates with you on a regular basis so you know what's going on;
  • Offers strategic insights on how to use your content in a multitude of ways to boost sales, awareness and credibility; and
  • Knows what to look for to generate additional media attention for your business and more!

How much does this cost?

As a fellow entrepreneur, I get it. After starting my business in 2004 with my own blood, sweat and tears and zero funds, I know how important your budget is.
In fact, many small business owners have come to me after they were ripped off by publicists, web designers and more (I've also been there!).
Well, after many years doing public relations, copywriting and content strategy, it's time to do what I love and offer all of my experience in a new way.
Introducing my new SEO blog services!
Right now, I'm offering this service at an introductory price to a select few (see below). But note that once we are up and running, this special fee won't last long. After all, I'll be working directly with you to ensure you get the most out of your content possible. 
Now, if you have no idea why you should hire me, check out my video, podcast, testimonials and more below...
Who is Melanie Rembrandt and why should you care!?

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Meet Melanie!
Meet Melanie Rembrandt

Stand out from the crowd and have more time to enjoy everything you love to do!

Melanie Rembrandt writes SEO blogs!

Ready for your competitive edge?

Here's what you get with the Rembrandt SEO Blog Package...

  • 1-on-1 phone consultation with Melanie to discuss your SEO blog content needs!
  • Keyword phrase list (living document)!
  • Editorial calendar for upcoming blogs!
  • 2 SEO blogs written per month with the appropriate keywords, coding, free images, and more!
  • Posting on your site if the appropriate log-in information is provided!
  • Monthly SEO keyword and competitor report!
  • Content plan to get the most out of each SEO blog possible!
  • Unlimited email questions per month!
  • Real World Value: $10,000!
Now, your fee for being one of our original clients is only $1,560.00 per month! Payment is automatically collected at the beginning of each month via credit card and can be cancelled with a 30-day notice. Also, all work is guaranteed! If you're not happy, we aren't either!
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