Did You Forget Your News Room?

If so, you are losing sales and stories to the competition, right now!

Does your BtoB content strategy stink?

If you took the time to set up a News Room on your Website, good for you! It’s a great way to give media-members the information they need at any time and place in the world so they can write about your business.

(What’s that? You don’t have an online News Room? Well, I guess the media will go to the competition instead!)

But if you haven’t updated your News Room in more than a week, it’s not good.

Instead of helping your business, you are hurting it. An old news-area on your site makes you look outdated and… gulp… even out-of-business! It’s time to get newsworthy again so here are…

5 Questions to Ask About Your Online News Room

  1. How old is your content?

An online News Room is where media, and potential customers, go to learn more about your company. By adding information on a regular basis, you look newsworthy and current. If you can add a space to show your daily, social-media posts, that will help.

  1. Do you post at least, one SEO press release each month?

People are going to look at the dates on your latest news. It’s wise to post at least one, SEO press release per month. Not only will this get you online attention by the search engines, you’ll be able to share your company’s latest news about events, products, services, and more.

And there is always news to tell even if you don’t think you have any. Check out these tips for creating “newsworthy” news.

  1. What is your latest, media clip?

If you are posting stories about your business that appear in the media, how old is the latest clipping? If it’s more than a month-old, you need to work on generating some new press!

When you’re in the news, people notice. Try to pitch a pertinent media-venue that your target-market is watching, and get your story out there!

  1. Who is responsible for your News Room?

If you don’t have anyone in charge of updating your News Room on a daily basis, it’s time to add this to your calendar, or find someone who can help you. An online News Room can be an easy thing to forget, but it can make a big impression that leads to sales. Make it a priority in your business.

  1. Do you use technology?

Have you looked at your competitions’ Websites lately? Online News Rooms have changed with the times and can include: interactive features, videos, games, Webinars, expansive photo-collections, and much more.

It’s time to see what is available and what you are missing. A good start is to look at the press releases and multi-media news at PRNewswire.

Get Newsworthy Already!

If you don’t update your online News Room on at least a weekly basis, get rid of it! That outdated news and information brands your business as old and stale. Instead of making a bad impression with media-members and potential customers, revitalize your news!

Add social-media posts, SEO press-releases, new media-clips, photos, videos, and more regularly. Then, you can boost online buzz, increase customer interest and have a competitive edge in your industry!

What are you going to do today to add current news to your Website?

For help boosting sales, online awareness and credibility for your business, please see these articles and feel free to contact me here.

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