The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign

Do you let your e-mail messages go out like this?

Use a good content marketing strategist to improve e-mail results

You’re a small business owner who wants to save money wherever possible. I get it. But are you holding back funds in the right areas of your content-marketing plan?

For example, it’s easy to hire an inexpensive copywriter with little experience to create your e-mail messages, but you may end up doing more harm than good. And this can be a huge mistake. Why?

How Your Inexperienced Copywriter Kills Your E-mail Campaign

1. Sends messages out with bad grammar, spelling and content.

Your targeted audience-members get bombarded with e-mails on a daily basis. Do you really think they are going to click on a link with misspellings in the subject line of your message?

Inexpensive writers do not always check their work or even know that they have errors in their final product. This creates a bad first-impression.

After all, why should someone spend the time opening and reading your e-mail if you can’t take the time to proofread it?

2. Doesn’t provide value.

You have a great product to sell, but people don’t want to hear about features and how great your business is. They want to know what’s in it for them and how you can help solve their problems.

If you don’t hire a skilled copywriter who writes “copy that sells” while providing valuable information, you waste time and money. And, your potential customers will go to the competition.

3. Avoids good content.

Instead of adding graphics, emoticons, explanation points, long, run-on sentences, and more, get to the point! If you don’t have valuable information to share and a good message, don’t send out your e-mail.

People don’t have time to read yet another e-mail sales-message without substance.

Why is your offer different and what’s in it for your reader?

You need to stand out from the competition with valuable information pertinent to your target market… not by using flashy images, repetitive SEO-keywords and sales language.

Turn Your E-mails Into Sales!

Don’t make the big mistake of using an inexpensive, untrained copywriter for your e-mail marketing campaigns. Instead, hire a skilled copywriter.

This way, you’ll avoid spelling, grammar and content errors that can make a bad impression. Most important, a good copywriter can actually persuade your readers to click on your call-to-action and improve sales… and that is well worth the cost of their writing fees!

Now, how will you use a skilled copywriter to improve sales for your business?

To boost sales for your business with e-mail marketing and content that works, please see these entries, or contact me here.

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