10 Top Tweets for Your Customers

If you are actively involved in your social media activities as I mentioned in previous posts, then you may have trouble coming up with new and exciting tweets to share with your customers on a daily basis. However, there is a simple fix for this. Remember, social media is about being social and interaction.

When you are not sure what to talk about, think about your target audience.

What do they want to hear? What do they care about right now?

With this in mind, her are some tips to help you come up with some good Tweets:

10 Sweet Tweets for Your Customers

  1. Do you have a special discount to share with your Twitter followers only?
  2. Do you have an exclusive event or contest going on for your Twitter audience only?
  3. Do you have some hot, company news to share?
  4. What is the latest trend in your industry?
  5. What is the latest news in your industry?
  6. Is there a unique holiday or current event you can discuss?
  7. What is going on in today’s celebrity news that relates to your company?
  8. Did one of your followers say something interesting you can discuss?
  9. Did you read an interesting story that will provide value to your customers?
  10. Do you have any survey results or industry statistics to share?

Get Organized.

These are just a few ideas to get your brain going. And once you get started, I’m sure you can think of many more. And if you want to be really organized, you’ll want to set up an editorial calendar. This way, you can plan what kind of information you want to share with your audiences in advance.

For example, maybe you are starting a contest in June, having a big summer sale in July or holding an event in August. You can add these to your editorial calendar in advance and start thinking of interesting ways to talk about them in your Tweets.

And if you really don’t know what your customers want to hear, test the information you post. Which entries get the most feedback? Which comments send lots of people back to your site? You get the idea.

The key is to post information that your target market will be interested in sharing with others. This takes time and effort so if you notice you are posting comments about what you had for lunch, things your kids said after school or how you just had an argument with your spouse, stop! You are getting lazy and need to focus on your audience.

Twitter can be a fun way to interact with your customers and discover more about your target market. If you organize your thoughts and provide valuable and interesting information, you can create a successful social media program that increases word-of-mouth and sales.

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