3 Free Tips to Get Noticed by the Media and Search Engines

Are you a new business owner struggling to increase sales, handle public relations and get new customers to come to your site?

Well, here are three, free tips to help you get noticed by the media and the search engines… fast.

1. Write An Article.

Want to share some valuable information with potential customers?

Write an article about a hot topic that offers tips and resources without being sales-oriented. Then, figure out which media venue would like to post your information on their site.

Today, media venues are hungry for free content. And if you can provide interesting and current information to their readers, they may want to print your article.

Simply call the managing editor at your chosen publication, and see what he or she needs. You may be surprised to see your article on their site the next day!

2. Write a Blog.

What? You can’t find a media venue interested in your article? No worries.

Turn your article into a blog entry, and post it on your site. And don’t forget to add search engine optimization keywords to it so that the search engines, and potential customers, can find your entry online.

3. Make a Call.

Got a great story to tell about a customer success, industry trend or current news?

Call the reporters at your favorite media venues that handle your industry, or “beat,” and tell them!

Many times, reporters like to talk directly to business owners and experts to get the inside scoop instead of sifting through hundreds of press releases from publicists.

Just practice your pitch in advance. Make sure it is succinct and provides value to the media member’s audience. (You may want to start with a local, media venue first.)

And if the reporter doesn’t care about what you have to say this time, at least he or she knows who you are and that you can be a resource for future stories.

A Little Effort Can Go A Long Way.

What’s that? You’re not a writer, and you don’t have time to do these free things?

No problem!

Hire an intern to help you do the writing and prepare your pitch. Then, take five minutes of your time to call a media member and pitch your article or story. You can even contact reporters via e-mail if you are horrible on phone calls and short on time.

Yes, these free activities will take a little bit of effort, but they can have big pay-offs:

  • With one, well-placed article, you can reach thousands of potential customers in your target market.
  • With a single blog optimized for the search engines, you can increase site traffic and online awareness fast.
  • With one phone call, you may find yourself on the evening news!

And wouldn’t it be nice to see sales increase dramatically without spending a fortune on advertising and marketing?

For additional help with your SEO copywriting and publicity needs, please write to me here, and check out the tips here.

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