3 PR Must-Dos to Truly Enjoy Summer

localhost/rembrandtwrites for Hot PR Tips this SummerWoo Hoo! Summer is finally here. It’s time for sun, fun and relaxation!

But hold on…Before you grab your towel and sunscreen, do you have a publicity plan in place for the upcoming months?

I’ll mention a few tips on the StartupNation Radio program this Saturday. But now is the time to prepare and pitch your “back to school” and “holiday” stories in order to meet appropriate publication deadlines for the cooler months ahead.

It’s probably the last thing you want to think about. But if take care of your work now, you’ll avoid a lot of  stressful deadlines later on.

Here are three things to help you prepare:

1. Check editorial calendars.
What do your target media venues have planned for upcoming issues and segments? Find out by checking their online media kits and show schedules. How can your unique stories fit into their upcoming articles and productions?

2. Provide newsworthy information.
Contact media members and give them the unique ideas and data they need to produce future stories. Offer your experts as resources and be as helpful as possible.

And be sure your online media kit provides all of the quotes, facts, statistics, photos, etc. that reporters need to complete their work fast.

3.  Make  follow-up notes.
Once you’ve pitched a story and offered valuable information, make  notes to contact the  media members at the appropriate time in the future.

If their stories  aren’t scheduled for a few months, they may forget about you. Prior to their deadlines, remind them about your conversation and provide unique information pertinent to updated industry trends and news.

Once you finish your work and have some potential media opportunities ready for the future, you can relax and truly enjoy your book at the beach!

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