3 Quick Tips to More Powerful Writing

We are all busy dealing with tight budgets, schedules and deadlines. But even with a hectic pace, you can still improve your writing to help communicate your message and increase sales.

As you sit down to write or review some copy, here are three quick tips to keep in mind:


1. Use Action Verbs.

Don’t write in the past. Try to use verbs in the present tense. You will add more excitement to your message if you talk about current activities rather than what happened, could happen or should happen!


2. Keep Sentences Short.

Busy people don’t have time to read  cumbersome  documents to get necessary information: so make it easy for them. Write short sentences that  keep readers engaged .


Remove any extra fluff that isn’t important.  Use adequate spacing between lines and paragraphs so that your copy is reader-friendly.

Also, find a co-worker or friend to proof your work and provide edits. It  always helps to get an outsider’s opinion before publishing any document.


3. Add Subtitles and Bullet Points.

Whenever possible, try to include subtitles and bullet points packed with valuable benefits that tell readers “what’s in it for them.” This way, you’ll be more likely to reach potential customers who are skimming pages for fast information.


A Final Note

Obviously, there are many other points to consider as you continuously improve your writing skills. But when you are short on time, these three reminders may just what you need to jumpstart your copy and attract new customers, partners or advertisers, visit learnacademy.org.  


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