Do You Have These 3 Signs of SEO Copywriting Burn Out?

Are you writing Website landing pages, e-mails, search engine optimization (SEO) tags, blogs, social media entries, and more on a daily basis? If so, you may be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty turning on the computer to start writing.
  • Endlessly staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to hit you.
  • The need to step away from the computer to get a drink, snack, go to the bathroom, etc.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, you may be plain sick of writing SEO copy and ready for a break. When you just don’t feel like writing, it will show in your content so if you are feeling burn out, here are:

5 Quick Tips to Recharge your Mind, Body and SEO Writing Spirit!

1. Go outside.

Take a walk, run a quick errand or just walk outside of your office for a few minutes. By taking some deep breaths of fresh air in a new environment, you can clear your head and get inspired by nature.

2. Have a healthy snack or drink.

While you don’t want to spend too much time away from your office, you may need a boost of energy to get your body going. Opt for a healthy piece of fruit, energy bar or juice drink. And it never hurts to stay hydrated with lots of water. If you drink a caffeinated beverage, know that this will wear off fast, and you may feel worse than before you drank it!

3. Read resources.

If you are feeling uninspired, look through some business books by good authors. Check online articles and read current, news stories. Look at niche publications for your industry. You may find something that sparks your interest and gets your writing juices flowing.

4. Talk to your target market.

Still stuck? It’s time to get in touch with your audience. If you can, talk to someone who matches the demographic you are writing for. Find out what they are interested in right now.

Read through testimonials at your office and talk to your sales representatives about their current customers. This way, you’ll get insider details on what your readers are thinking about write now. Then, you can write about topics they are specifically interested in hearing about.

5. Take time off.

If nothing seems to be working, and you just don’t want to write anything, take some time off to recharge. Either go on a vacation and get a change of scenery, or stay at home and watch some mindless television or participate in your favorite hobby or sport.

Listen to your body. If you are tired, bored and sick of writing, you probably just need a break. Unwind and relax. Then, when you get back to work, you’ll have a fresh perspective and be ready to write again.

The Need for Content is Never Ending.

As small business owners who write SEO copy, we know that content is king, and good copy can help increase online awareness, sales and credibility. And with Web pages, blogs, social media entries, articles, press releases, case studies, and more, the need for copy is never-ending.

It can be exhausting to keep up with all of the writing, especially if you are doing it all on your own. When you start to feel overwhelmed and burned out, take a break! Do what you need to do to relax and get inspired to write once again. Then, you’ll be able to provide valuable content that provides the results you want to see.


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