3 Top Ways to Get Customers Fast

Things may be tough right now, but there are new customers out there who need your products and services: But how do you attract these new customers, and keep them, without a big budget? Well, here’s a quick reminder of the top three, cost-effective ways to start increasing your sales:

 1. Look at Your Offer.

 When was the last time you reviewed the products and services you offer customers and compared them with those of your competitors? If it has been a few weeks, it’s time to take inventory.

To start, ask, “How can you solve your customers’problems quickly and easily?”

Things have changed dramatically in the business world due to the recession, and you need to change with them. Do your products and services fulfill your customers’current needs?

If not, revise your offerings, provide special discounts or free trials, and be creative to win business from the competition.

2. Optimize your Site for the Search Engines (SEO).

Once you update your products and services, let people know! If you haven’t optimized your Web site for the search engines, hire a professional SEO copywriter to do it for you. You’ll actually save time and money by hiring a pro: and experience better results.

And if you already have SEO keywords on your Web pages and coding, check to make sure you have current keywords that people are actually searching for online. Check out free sites likes Wordtracker, www.wordtracker.com, and KeyWordDiscovery, www.keywordiscovery.com for help.

Also, send out a press release with the appropriate SEO keywords:. Even if you just post it on free, press-release posting sites, you’ll get some good, online coverage.

 3. Exceed Customer Expectations.

Now, people are going to start coming to your site and requesting information. Be sure you provide the best customer-service possible. Train your employees, and bend over backwards to help potential, new clients get the information they need.

And when people place an order, follow up to see if they have any questions, and thank them for their business. You’d be surprised at how far a simple “thank you” can go!

A Simple Reminder

These are just three steps to boosting sales, but they are important. If you fail to miss one of these points, you can waste a lot of time, effort and money. More importantly, you can lose sales to the competition and damage your business reputation!

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