7 Secret Sales Are Hiding in Your Blog Content Right Now!

Are you missing out on more income at this very moment?

If you take the time to write a regular blog and post it, that’s great. But you may be missing out on some key factors to significantly boost sales, online awareness and more.

There are so many advantages to writing regular, blog-posts. Are you using them to your advantage?

With this in mind, here are…

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7 Secret, Sales-Opportunities Hiding in Your Blog Content Right Now!

1. Valuable information only you can provide.

What are you writing about? If you just write “what moves you at the moment,” you are missing out on a huge opportunity to beat the competition. You have great tips, ideas and insights that are unique to you and your business. Use that to provide interesting and valuable information to your target-market.

Before you start writing, think about your customers. What do they want to know right now? What will they want to read and share with others?

Think and plan before you write. You’ll provide better content that actually makes a difference in your sales, online reputation and more.

2. A portion of your overall, marketing message.

When you plan your blog content, think about how it relates to the overall, marketing message you are trying to communicate right now. Your blogs can be a key part of your promotions and sales campaigns. After all, they provide a great way to educate, inform, entertain, and provide unique data about your products and services without direct “selling.”

3. Links to more information and a specific landing-page.

What happens at the end of your blog? I really hope you are giving readers a link to valuable information on your site relevant to the content or sending them to a landing-page for a specific product or service.

If your blog provides interesting information, readers will want to see more. Be sure you give it to them as quickly and easily as possible. This not only keeps visitors on your Website longer, but it also gives you a way to track links and see what content is most popular.

4. SEO keywords.

As you write your blog, focus on a particular topic. Then, be sure to use keywords relevant to that topic in your headline, sub-head and throughout your content. Now, by all means, you do not want to stuff your blog with the same words over and over. But, be sure you keep them in the back of your head while you write, and use them accordingly.

Your blog should flow smoothly and provide value. And if you use words relevant to your topic, the search engines will have an easier time finding your blog and listing it in their results. (If you really want your blog to skyrocket to the top of the search engines, hire a professional, SEO content strategist to help you. With a little coding and research, you can get fantastic results!)

5. Something to share.

After you write your blog, do you just post it and relax? Well, don’t take a snack-break just yet!

Once you post your blog on your Website, it’s time to share it. Look at your overall, marketing plan and figure out who you are going to share the blog with, how and when. You may want to post it on various, social-media mediums, use it in an e-mail campaign or newsletter, distribute it on numerous, Web sites, share it via a video, and more.

Don’t just let your blog sit there. Let people know about it!

6. Customer follow-up.

After you distribute your blog accordingly, check the results. If people respond with questions and comments, get back to them immediately, and provide them with the valuable information they need.

Ask them if they’d like to join your mailing-list, receive a demo or sample, set up an in-person meeting, and more. Your blog can introduce you to potential customers. Be sure to follow-up so you don’t miss out on any, new sales-opportunities.

7. Future plans.

Monitor your blog results on a regular basis and check your site analytics.

What are site visitors looking at the most?
What are they sharing with others?
Which content is the most popular?
Which blogs lead to actual sales?

This is valuable information you can use to plan future content. Your potential customers are telling you exactly what they want. Be sure to listen!

No More Blog Secrets. Just Sales!


Now that you know how much your blog can do for your business, it’s time to use these secrets to your advantage. Look at blogs as a part of your overall, marketing plan. Convey valuable information with appropriate links and keywords, share the content, follow-up accordingly, and review your results.

By giving your blogs just a little bit more attention, you may see a significant boost in sales.

How are you going to use these 7 secrets to boost your sales today?

For more blog tips to help your business succeed, check out these copywriting insights, and feel free to contact me here.

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