AI Content Without Emotion Doesn’t Work

AI content and emotional intelligence

Where’s The Emotional Intelligence?

AI and content creation are a big deal right now. In a matter of seconds, you can have a blog, email, article, or social media post finished.

It saves you time and effort… but what are the results?

What Message Are You Really Sharing?

Yes, AI can significantly reduce your workload when it comes to creating content, but are the new customers, patients, and clients coming in the door because of it? People buy from others they “know, like and trust.”

If your content sounds like it was generated electronically, this may not do the trick. Why?

One of the major ways to build trust and let your customers get to know you is by sharing personal stories, insights, humorous events, and more.

AI does not know what’s in your head!

Yes, you can feed it information, but it cannot share the funny story about what your kids did at the grocery store last week, how you just finished a marathon you’ve been diligently training for over the last few months, the fact that your team is really proud to have helped the local charity raise thousands of dollars… the list goes on.

If you want to boost sales, it’s important to let your audience get to know you. After all, they want to understand where their money is going and whether or not it’s a good idea to buy a product or service from you and your business.

You can build trust with your targeted audience members by sharing information about you and your team, what you stand for, how you can relate to them, and other insights. This process allows others to get a glimpse of who you really are. Plus, it gives you a competitive edge.

AI and Content – Where’s The Competitive Advantage?

You know that AI can crank out content fast. But don’t forget that it can do the same thing for the competition, too. Instead, if you share messages specifically for your audience relative to your personal experiences and thoughts, this is unique content that you own.

No one else will share your unique stories so this helps you stand out from the competition.

Also remember that AI searches online to help you write your content.

But who is also using that copy?

Does it have a copyright on it that you don’t know about?

This is definitely something to think about when you choose the easy route of writing with AI.

Yes, AI helps you save time writing content, but is it worth it?

AI is a great tool to conduct research and start the writing process. However, it’s a good idea to add your own stories, thoughts and experiences to your content. This way, you’ll provide a human touch that others can relate to, enjoy a competitive edge… and see a difference in your overall sales.

Try it and see what happens. You’ll probably realize that extra time writing is well worth the successful results!

Do you need help creating content that actually provides value and personal insights to your audience? Contact us for your initial strategy consultation here.

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