Are You Full of Hot Air? How It Can Help your PR

Recently, I went on my first  hot air balloon ride. It was a lifelong dream, and I was really looking forward to the peace and tranquility of floating through the air without thinking about work.

But I couldn’t help but make an analogy between the flight and the world of PR.

The Beginning

It was very exciting as the balloons were pulled out of the trucks, and the baskets were lowered to the ground. Everything was planned out. Workers placed huge tarps on the ground so that the balloons would not get damaged.

Then, fans circulated air into the balloon while the massive piece of material was pulled into place. And at just the right time, a huge shot of hot air blasted into the balloon. I jumped with the unexpected sound. And in just minutes, the huge balloon towered above us.

Taking Action

It was time to climb into the small basket only big enough for three people. I grabbed the metal bar and hung on. My heart raced. And before I could get nervous, we were in the air…floating away from the parking lot.

The view was amazing. The ocean glistened in the setting sun, and we soared above the clouds. It seemed like we would go on forever, and I forgot all about work and life issues.

The Winds of Change

But then, the wind took us in a different path. We started to go down, down, down. It made me wake up and realize that we were in a tiny little basket at the whim of nature!

To find out what happens on my exciting adventure, and how you can use this story to help with your PR efforts, tune in on Thursday… Thanks!

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