Are You Using This Six-Letter Word?

Times are tough right now, and the recent earthquake in Haiti really makes us stop and think about our blessings. With this in mind, have you thanked your customers, partners, associates, and media contacts lately?

If not, here are three simple ways to use this six-letter word to improve your relationships ““ and your business:

1. Just Say It.

Whenever you speak to someone related to your organization, make a special point to thank them for their business. Sometimes, we get so busy that we forget to say “THANKS.” It’s a simple word that can turn a person’s day around.

2. Send a Note.

While e-mail thank-you-notes are always nice, when was the last time you sent a handwritten thank-you to your favorite customer, employee, partner, or media member?

With today’s fast-paced technology, people appreciate receiving a special “thank you” just for them via snail mail. This little note can make a big impression and show that you really appreciate someone’s actions. And if you send a thank you to reporters after they cover you in a story, they will definitely remember you the next time they need a resource!

3. Take Action.

If a customer, vendor, associate, dry cleaner, postal carrier, or someone else does something nice for you, think about taking your “thank you” one step further. Send flowers, offer a special coupon, hand deliver a sweet treat to their door, or just stop by with a personal note of gratitude.

It may take a few extra minutes, but you’ll create a lasting and personal relationship with the people who can help you save time, money and effort in both your personal and business life.

Too Cranky to be Thankful?

It can be difficult to stay positive with all of the negative news out there. When you’re having a day like this, try to think of the top ten things you are thankful for and make a quick, mental list. It will change your attitude significantly.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done: so with this in mind, take a few minutes to think about what you are thankful for, and say this six-letter word often to the people who help you. This simple action will help put you in a better frame of mind ““ and those around you too! And with this, I’d like to thank you for reading:

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