Rainy Days Mean Better Content Strategy!

3 Tips to Boost Online Awareness Fast

How is the weather in your area? For most, temperatures are rising, but you may be experiencing more rain. And as the poem goes, April showers will turn into May flowers. With this in mind, what are you doing to advance your business on the rainy days?

If you are stuck inside due to bad weather, here are a few steps to help you increase online awareness and sales using content.

3 Content Strategy Tips to Boost Online Awareness Fast.

1. Write a new blog or online article.

Search online for the latest trends relevant to your customers, or review your site analytics to see what your customers are talking about. Then, prepare a blog pertinent to this information.

Provide valuable tips and information without selling, and keep it between 300 and 500 words.

2. Add the appropriate titles.

Create an interesting headline and sub-headline at the top of your content. Then, add titles and sub-titles throughout your copy. Use these titles to break-up long paragraphs, and make your content easier to read. And be sure to use different keywords in your titles relevant to the subject matter. This is what the search engines will see when your content is posted.

3. End with a Call-to-Action.

At the end of your article or blog, add a link to a specific landing page, “buy now” button, or place to get additional information. What do you want customers do to at the end of your content? Make it easy for them to take that action!

Get your content to work for you.

When you are finished, post your blog, and track the results in your Website analytics. And be sure to distribute your new content via social media, e-mail, newsletters, or other, appropriate venues. Is your content being picked up by the search engines? More important, are your customers reading the content and taking action?

By writing valuable content, optimizing it for the search engines with keywords, distributing it accordingly, and tracking the results, you should be able to increase online awareness and sales. Start writing your content now. Then, when the sun comes out, you’ll be able to take a break from your office and enjoy the great outdoors!

What are you going to do today to improve your content?

Please provide your insights, and for more information, check out these BtoB content strategy articles.

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