Why Your Blog Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It

3 Tips to Turn Your Content Into Sales

You write and post blogs on a regular basis, but nothing happens. They just sit there and you waste time, money and effort. What’s going on? Well, it can be simple to turn your blog content into sales. Here are three, simple tips to turn your blogs into sales…

Stop boring people with a bad blog and btob and btoc content

Why Your Blog Isn’t Working and How to Fix It.

1. It’s Boring.

Does your blog provide value to your target market? Is it unique and interesting? If not, you are wasting time and effort.

Your audience is bombarded with messages all day long so you have to be different and give your audience what they want. Does your audience even read blogs? If not, you may want to look at creating videos, Infographics, Webinars, and other types of content that they will actually view!

2.      It’s Poorly Written.

Yes, it’s possible to have a copywriter write your blog for $5.00 and up. But, you definitely get what you pay for.

If you seriously want to improve sales, credibility and online awareness with your blog, you need to work with a professional and experienced writer. Find a copywriter who understands your market and can write interesting, credible and unique information quickly. And be sure to find a copywriter who understands search engine optimization.

This way, you’ll get a lot more online coverage for each blog, and the expense of hiring a good, SEO copywriter will be well worth it.

3.      You Have No Plan.

What do you want your blog to accomplish? If you are just writing to post something, stop!

Instead, create a plan with an editorial calendar. Decide on a specific goal for each blog, a topic and deadline date, the SEO keyword terms you are going to use, your call-to-action, and how you are going to track results.

This way, you can monitor your blog to see if it’s appearing in search results and if your target audience is actually reading your post and following your call-to-action. If not, you can change your content accordingly for the best results. Without a plan to reach specific goals, how are you going to reach them?

Make Your Blogs a Priority.

Blogs are an excellent way to stand out from the competition, increase online awareness and boost sales for your business. If your content isn’t working, make a few changes. Create a specific plan for each blog with specific goals, hire an experience, SEO copywriter or content strategist to help you, and provide interesting, unique and valuable information that your target market will want to share with others.

Then, watch your credibility, online awareness and sales skyrocket!

What are you going to do today to turn your blogs into sales?

For help creating killer blog content that boost sales and online awareness, check out these articles, and feel free to contact me here.

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