Brush Yourself Off And Take Action!

Yes, the economy is ugly.
Yes, customers are tightening their purse strings.
Yes, it’s harder to bring in new sales.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Things are tough for many people right now, but that’s no reason to just sit back and
wait for things to get better.

It’s time to take action!

No one said being an entrepreneur is easy.

Your business is going to be filled with ups and downs…
so instead of whining about sales and the economy, here
are three, simple steps to help you get back on the road to
recovery fast:

1. Make a List.

If you haven’t already done so, make a list of all the
people you know. This includes old classmates, past
employers, peers, associates, etc.

Discover what they are doing now and how to reach them.

2. Be Creative.

Look at your list and figure out how you can help each
individual with your products or services.

How can you provide value to them?

How can you help them succeed?

Perhaps you can develop a trade for services, conduct joint
advertising to save money or share customer lists?

Be creative and come up with some interesting ideas.

3. Make Contact.

Call or e-mail the people on your list and share your ideas.
Try to work together to help each other improve business results.

And if that person is not interested, ask for a referral.   One call can
lead to new customers: just remember to thank the person
for the referral business if it goes through!

Help Others.

Right now, you can help yourself by thinking of others. Not only
will you increase your support network and ignite some energy
back into your business, but you just may increase sales in the process!

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