Are You Guilty of These 3 Frightening Words in Your BtoB Content?

Is Your Copy Scaring Customers Away Right Now?

While frightening decorations, costumes and haunted houses are popular this month, scary, BtoB content is not. If you use the wrong words online and in your marketing materials, you can instantly lose sales.

With this in mind, here are…

3 Scary Words to Avoid in Your BtoB Content

1. “I”

While this word consists of just one letter, it says a lot about your business. If you use it, your customers immediately think that you are self-centered and couldn’t care less about their needs.

Yes, it’s o.k. to use the word “I” in certain situations, like a personal blog or article. But in most instances, you want to talk about customer benefits. Sorry. People don’t want to hear about you. They want to know what’s in it for them!

2. “Professional”

 While you may think this adds a touch of credibility to your content, it does just the opposite. As the saying goes, if you really are a professional, you don’t have to announce it.

 The same goes for words like “expert,” “leader,” “trust us,” etc. You get the idea. The fact that you have a business in a particular industry indicates that you are a professional at some level. What really matters I the value you provide customers (see number 1 above!).

3. “Had”

 If you use this word in your content combined with other words (had made, had gone, had won…), get rid of it. And change it to a present-tense action verb (he makes, he goes, he wins…). You’ll instantly add more oomph to your copy and make it easier to read. Write in the present tense whenever possible.

Are you Guilty of these Scary, BtoB Content Words?

Well, how often do you use the words above? If you already know about them, then thanks for reading, and go enjoy a caramel apple or other, Halloween treat! If not, it’s time to update your BtoB content to provide more value to your customers!

What are you going to do today to boost sales with your BtoB copy?

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