BtoB Owners, How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

BtoB Owners, Throw Out that Resolution. It’s time to get things done instead.

BtoB New Year's Resolutions

Yes, BtoB owners, in addition to scrambling to get ready for the holidays, it’s that time of year when we start thinking about the year ahead and those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones…

“I want to lose 20 pounds this year.”

“I want to improve my education.”

“I want to double my income.”

Did you know that about 34% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions related to money but only about 8% of achieve their resolutions overall?

So if resolutions don’t usually work, why do we make them? Well, they’re fun and give us hope.

But when it comes to BtoB success, you need more than hope. You need a plan with goals!

How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

Instead of hoping and wishing for results in 2017, it’s time to set specific goals so you actually know how you are going to get from Point A to Point B.

Here are a few tips…

  1. Figure out what you really want.

Let’s say you want to boost sales for your business. Decide on an exact number you want to reach. The same goes for other goals too. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish.

And to keep things doable, try to focus on your top one to three goals. Then, post your goals near your desk, on your refrigerator or somewhere where you will see them on a daily basis.

  1. Set a date.

Once you know what you want (what you really, really want!), set a specific date as to when you will achieve your goals. When do you think you can actually make things happen?

  1. Write down specific steps to get there.

Now you know what you want. How are you going to make your dreams a reality?

Work backwards. Think about the big goals that you want and how you can reach them. Start with yearly activities, then look at monthly, daily, and even hourly activities for each day.

This will take some time, but you need to think of the steps necessary to actually make things happen. If you have specific actions to take at specific times, you will get closer to reaching your goals each day. Create an action plan for the 2017 calendar.

  1. Get help.

When it comes to reaching your goals, you are probably going to need assistance. Whether it’s help from outsourced freelancers, an attorney, local associations, mentors, co-workers, or others, don’t think twice about asking questions and getting the information you need. This way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and get inside expertise to save time, money and effort.

  1. Form a support group.

Going for big goals can be tough. You are going to have days that make you feel like you are on top of the world. And then, you are going to have days where you just want to give up.

That’s when you need some encouragement. When you start 2017, know the people you can turn to for emotional support. Whether it’s a partner, family member, close friend, business associate, or someone else, share your goals with them at the beginning of the year. Let them know what you want to accomplish.

Then, they can give you the support you need throughout the year to help you get through the rough times… and celebrate the good times too.

  1. Believe in yourself.

Whether you have big dreams to start a huge business, or if you are an experienced expert who has been running your own company for years, we all have moments of doubt. In addition to your support group, you also need to find ways to build confidence on your own. Remember, it can be lonely at the top!

Whether it’s working out, learning a martial art, joining a networking or industry group, reading inspirational books, or something else, it’s essential to find some kind of outlet to help you feel good about yourself. Running a business is not easy, and you need all of the confidence you can to help move to the next level of success!

BtoB Owners, What’s your Dream Goal for 2017?

Stop with the New Year’s resolutions already and create actual goals and plans instead.

Think about what you really want and the action steps necessary to make your desires a reality. Write down what you need to do and when, find the right people to help you, and keep going. This way, you’ll actually see your dreams become a reality. And next year at this time, you’ll have a whole new set of goals to achieve!

Happy New Year, and I wish you the very best in 2017!

What are you going to do today to make your goals a reality in 2017?

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