#2 Secret About Running Your Own Copywriting Business You Rarely Hear

Secret #2: You don’t need to spend a cent on marketing to get clients.

In the first article in this series, I told you about how I started my own business immediately after an unexpected lay-off. My employer became my first client. Sure. I had one client to start, but I needed more to pay my rent. I was STRESSED OUT.Learn how to avoid a PR and copywriting business crisis


Because of this, I immediately contacted another, past employer and asked them if they wanted to hire me as a consultant. Again, I talked about all of the benefits they would receive. And lucky for me, it worked!

Fortunately, they became my second client, and I was able to pay my bills on time. I worked diligently, and then, something wonderful happened… and this brings me to my second secret about running your own copywriting business…

Secret #2: Work will come to you via referrals without spending a cent on marketing.

After I started getting my new clients results, word spread. My phone started ringing with requests for new, copywriting projects. The work came in. My business doubled in the first year and kept growing.

Now, don’t hate me when I say this, but it has been over twelve years since I started my business, and I haven’t spent any money on marketing to new clients. Almost all of my business has come from referrals!

And the great thing is, you can do it with your business too! Here’s how…

  1. Discover exactly what your clients want.

Once you agree on project terms, know that this is just the first step in a long-term relationship with your new client. Now, the communication begins. To avoid “buyer’s remorse,” make your client feel comfortable right away. To start, ask questions and discover what they want and expect:

What are your goals and deadlines?

What do you expect of me and my work?

What issues have you faced in the past with your business?

How can I provide solutions?

How do you like to communicate and how often?

And so on …

Think of the answers you need to know, and ask questions! This is how any, good client-relationship begins.

From here, you want to assure your new client that they have made the right decision in hiring you. As you complete a project, stay in touch with them so they know you haven’t disappeared and are working diligently on the items you’ve discussed. And most important…

  1. Exceed client expectations. Period.

Provide your work before a deadline and “go above-and-beyond” what is expected. After all, the client hired you over other copywriters. Make them feel confident in their decision by giving them exactly what they wanted… and more.

Provide extra hours, competitive data, user-friendly reports on the results, and more at no charge. Then, once you “Wow” them with your work, provide additional suggestions on ways you can help them succeed even more. They will be happy that you are taking the initiative to provide solutions, relieving them of extra work and giving them an edge over the competition.

Is this more work for you?


Do you want a thriving business?

The answer is up to you.

  1. Post the results and get testimonials.

After you provide stellar results for a client, ask for a testimonial and permission to use the results. Write a “draft” version with the specific data included in the quote. This way, they can simply give their approval on the testimonial or provide edits in a matter of minutes. Again, make it easy for them to respond, and get their approval in writing (save this documentation in your files as proof).

Once you have the testimonial, post it on your site along with the specific results (you can also use it in your newsletters, articles, case studies, etc.). This is instant marketing for you any time a potential client visits your site or wants details on how you specifically helped another client.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business With Referrals?

To this day, I get referrals from people I’ve never even met! (I know. Crazy, right?) This means that word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing tools you have as a business owner. However, you have to do the right things in order for it to work.

When you get a new client, discover all of the information you need to know to meet their expectations. Then, be sure to exceed their expectations by providing fantastic work before a deadline… along with extra services at no charge. Keep the communication lines open, and when the time is right, ask for a testimonial. Then, post the results where other, potential clients can see the information.

It takes extra time and effort to give 110%+ to each client. But, this is how you can grow your business through referrals alone. And if your phone still isn’t ringing after doing fantastic work for a client, take your referral process to the next level and actually ask your clients if they know of other people who can use your help.

Referrals are the secret to building a successful, copywriting business. Put in the extra time and effort to make your clients shine, and you’ll save thousands of dollars and hours in marketing costs. But more important, you’ll significantly reduce the stress involved with finding clients and see your income soar.

Who can you ask for a referral right now?

More secrets coming soon…