Why Are Customers Leaving Your Site?

Are you Guilty of These 3 Website Sins?

 You’ve spent hours creating your website, marketing your products and services and writing content. That means you website traffic should grow, and the sales should be coming in… but they’re not.

Why not?

Well, you may be guilty of these…

 3 Website Sins That Turn Customers Away

1. Are you providing a solution within seconds?

When potential, new customers visit your site for the first time, what do they see first?

 Are you telling them “what’s in it for them” immediately in a simple, user-friendly way?

 If you have lots of graphics, videos and sounds popping out right away, this can be annoying (yes, even if you spent a fortune creating these “cool” items). Get to the point already. People want to know what you can do to solve their problems… immediately.

2. Are there errors on your site?

If you have grammatical errors, misspellings, and pages that do not load correctly, customers will leave your site. After all, first impressions are important, and you want to look professional.

Customers think…

“If you have errors on your site, what’s it going to be like to actually work with your team?”
“Are you going to check for mistakes and provide the best results possible when I buy your products and services?”

Spend the time to review your site. And if you are not a professional copywriter, hire one to update your copy and provide great, and correct, content specifically for your target-market.

3. Do you have a “we” site?

If the pages of your website talk about how “we do this, we provide that, we are the best because, we have lots of experience”… blah, blah, blah, get rid of it!

I call this a “we” site, and you may love it because it’s all about you. But, you won’t sell anything this way. Customers want to know the benefits and solutions you have to offer them (see point 1 above). Instead of focusing on your business and products, focus on how you can help your customers.

This way, you’ll increase sales and your customer-base. And you can always talk about yourself in your “About Us” section!

Turn Your Website Into a Marketing Machine!

If your website is not bringing in sales, it’s time for a review. Look at your content and emphasize the benefits and solutions you have to offer within seconds. Check for errors, and be sure to focus on your customers’ needs and not just the features of your products and services.

By fixing these three issues, you will have a more professional Website that focuses on your customers. Then, instead of turning away new business, you’ll create a marketing tool that entices your target market to learn more, builds buzz and increases sales… fast!

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