Don’t Get Duped!

Yesterday, I was at a sales meeting and a man in his mid-sixties introduced
himself. He talked about his family, business and health, and I listened
politely. Later on, he asked if I’d like to meet with him during the break to
discuss my business.

Thinking that he may want to hire me for publicity or online copywriting
services, I agreed to talk to him in the public, refreshment area.

Well, after 15 minutes of listening to how big his car was, how big his house was and how big his bank account was, I realized just “how big” his ego was! I also came to the conclusion that I’d been “duped.”

Has this ever happened to you?

Here I was trying to get to know a potential customer when I realized that he had other things on his mind – and nothing business-oriented!

Fortunately, it only took me a few minutes to discover his alternative
motives. I excused myself and returned to the meeting with a colleague.

If you are ever pursuing a new business contact, I have a few words of
advice…Listen to your gut instinct!

You can waste a lot of time trying to win new customers. But if you get any inkling that a potential new client is simply not interested in buying what you have to offer, or gives you a difficult time regarding your fees, move on as soon as possible.

By targeting the customers you want to pursue, you can avoid going after the wrong business.

But I can tell you from experience. Even if dollar signs are swimming in your head at the thought of a big, new contract, take a moment to step back and think about the situation.

If something just doesn’t feel right, please go with your gut and end the
conversation. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, embarrassment and hassle. And there are always better opportunities available if you look for them!

Do you have a business story about being “duped” by a potential customer? Please share your story below or feel free to contact me…but only if you truly want PR and copywriting help :>!

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