Don’t Let the Panda Scare You!

Have you heard? The Panda is coming! The Panda is here!

The SEO world is buzzing with the latest news from Google that they are doing yet another Panda update. Google recently stated that about three billion searches go on every day at Google so this latest update to their algorithm could potentially affect over 20 million queries!

So what do you do?

First, don’t panic.

Check your Website statistics to see if there have been any drastic changes in your search status.

Second, check your site.

If you have duplicate copy or copy that is not providing value to your readers for your top keywords, get rid of it!

Third, continue to monitor your site stats and provide valuable copy.

Instead of thinking about the search engines and your keywords, think about your target market. What do they want to see on your site? If you give them what they want, your search engine stats will go up.

SEO is important in order to bring new customers to your Website. But don’t get too involved with pleasing the search engines and trying to figure out each update they make.

Instead, focus on your overall, marketing goals. Give potential customers valuable information they will want to tell others about. Then, you’ll not only increase site traffic and rankings, but more important, you’ll bring in new sales.


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