How to Get Customers to Your Website

Time to Jumpstart Sales Now

How do you get new customers to your site?

Do you rely on your tech team and search engine optimization (SEO) to get people to your site?

Are you just posting information on your site, telling people about it and hoping for the best?

How is that working for you?

If you really want to get more site traffic, there are three things you can do right now.

3 Ways to Increase Site Traffic Fast

1. Use direct mail.

That’s right. People are inundated with e-mails and advertising via the Internet. Why not stand out from the competition with a snail-mail campaign? Figure out what your goals are, the message you want to get across and how you will measure results.

Then, hire a trained and experienced direct-mail copywriter to help you write the message. Purchase a mailing list from an established firm, and then send out a test mailing.

You can start with an inexpensive post card and try several versions to see what works best. If you are not seeing results, check to see how many of your mailings were returned due to faulty addresses. Also, take a look at the landing page you are sending people to from the mail campaign. You’ll probably need to change and test it regularly to get the best results.

2. Talk to the media.

Add some time to your calendar to call specific media-members who cover your industry. Introduce yourself as an expert resource for future articles and provide some potential, story ideas.

While you may not get through to reporters, it’s a start. After all, even if you are able to talk to one media member, that’s one additional contact for you and your business. Plus, one simple call can lead to a feature story in one of your targeted publications.

And when people read about your business in an article, they will be more likely to visit your site to find out more. This is third-party credibility you cannot buy.

3. Update your SEO content.

The SEO keywords that people use to find your site change regularly. That’s why it’s important to monitor your site analytics and see what people are clicking on the most. When you look at this data, you’ll discover what pages, and content, are most valuable to your site visitors.

With this in mind, update your site content, newsletters, blogs, articles, and more with current content and SEO keywords related to the most popular content. And once you add all of your SEO keywords and coding to your content, don’t let it sit there. Monitor it and provide new content as much as possible.

You want to give site visitors beneficial information they can use and answer their questions fast. By doing so, they will give your site more value and tell their friends about it. At the same time, your site rankings will increase.

Take Action To Boost Site Traffic

If you are complaining about slow site traffic, do something about it!

Create an action plan that includes a direct-mail campaign, public relations and SEO content management. By trying new ways to reach customers and monitoring results, you can see what they value most.

Then, you can use this data to provide a beneficial offer via snail mail, share relevant stories with the press to boost buzz and update your site content with information potential customers want to know about. Increasing site traffic is not rocket science. It just takes some planning, doing and testing to get the best results possible!

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