How to Get Your Blog Read in 3 Steps

Do people really want to hear what you have to say?

Boost Buzz with SEO Content

Today, blogging is a huge part of content-marketing strategy. In fact, “79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing,” per the (HubSpot State of Inbound report).

However, you write blogs but don’t get great results.

What’s going on?

Well, it may be time to look at the basics and change things around. To keep it short and simple, here are…

The 3 Top Steps to Get Your Blog Read

  1. Provide value.

What exactly are you writing about? This is the main reason people will read your blogs… or not.

Figure out exactly what members of your target-market want to know, and give them that information.

What kind of problems can you solve for them?

How can you help them save time, money and effort?

And just how can you get this information? Ask! Send out a brief, customer survey and get feedback, comments, suggestions, and more. Then, use this information to create topics for your editorial calendar.

Also, be sure you look at your Google analytics to see what people are clicking on the most, and provide more of that content. And when you prepare your blogs, provide credibility with statistics, research, links to outside sources, and more. Also, add interesting photos, videos, Infographics, and to help your blogs stand out and get noticed.

  1. Use search engine optimization (SEO).

Let’s say you’ve got great content on your website. If it’s not optimized accordingly for the search engines, you are missing out on a huge opportunity!

After all, how are potential customers going to find your blog-entries if they don’t show up in online searches?

Hire an experienced, SEO copywriter to help you code your site accordingly, and add the appropriate information to your blogs so they are search-engine friendly. And remember, it’s about posting quality content… not just adding a bunch of keywords to your copy.

  1. Promote your blogs.

After your blogs go live, what do you do? An organized, promotional strategy for each entry should be part of your overall, content-marketing strategy.

Tell your current customers about them through social-media posts, newsletter mentions, e-mail notices, and more. Give people a fast link to your blogs and simple share-buttons so they can spread the word. Then, track the results to see which blogs are getting the most attention.

You took all of that time and effort to create your blogs, make sure that you promote them accordingly!

Give Your Customers What They Want.

When it comes to blogs, keep it simple. Once you know what your target-audience wants, give it to them!

Write valuable content specifically for them. Then, include SEO coding and copywriting, and promote the end-results accordingly. Photos, videos and other, eye-catching graphics work too. But if you stick to the basics and provide interesting information that helps your customers solve their problems, your blogs will get read.

Now, what are you going to do today to create content that your customers will want to share with others?

For additional help boosting sales and online awareness with SEO blogs, please see these articles and feel free to contact me here.

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