How are you Dealing with Turbulence?

The plane drops and rises suddenly. It feels like I’m on a roller
coaster thousands of feet in the air.

Some passengers squeal every time the plane goes up and down.
A baby cries.

Finally, we land safely in Detroit. And what do you know? It’s
not even raining.

After the flight, I’m anxious to get to my final destination. I
hurry down to the baggage claim:. and what’s this? The bags
are already circulating on the belt? Wow! That was fast.

But that’s strange. There is no one here from my flight. Didn’t
anyone else check a bag? Then, I recognize one woman from my
flight. Her driver reaches down for her luggage.

Suddenly, the rotation stops. “LAX Flight Completed.” What?!

Where is my bag? My heart sinks, and I look for an attendant.

“Yes. All of the bags have been delivered.” (Except mine, of

I run to baggage claim, and the Delta employee helps me track it

“The computer says it was on the flight,” she says.

And I’m thinking, well, that’s nice, but where’s my bag? Did
someone take it?

“Wow. The rain is coming down sideways out there. Looks like
a tornado,” she says.

Well, that’s interesting, but where’s my bag? (Darn! I hardly
ever check a bag. Why did I check a bag this time?)

Then, the Delta employee actually walked down to the luggage
carriage with me and started to take a report. (Can you believe
it? Actual customer service. I was shocked).

I showed her a photo of my luggage on my cell phone (Yes, I
take a photo of my luggage before a trip exactly for this reason.).

She called her team, and what do you know? My luggage was
sitting on the tarmac out in the rain! (And they were able to find
it partly because they had my photo of it from my cell phone ““
so who’s laughing now?)

Well, anyway, one hour later, I have my bag (zipper broken and
soaking wet), and I’m on my way to the rental car headquarters.

I was stressed out, tired and ready for a hot meal and a cozy bed.
But you know what?

With the whole luggage debacle, I actually missed being outside
during a tornado warning.

My flight missed it by 20 minutes. And the fact that my luggage
was lost kept me inside the airport during the entire storm.

If all would have gone smoothly, I would have been on the road,
out in the middle of nowhere, during the high winds, rain,
thunder, lightning, etc.

It just goes to show you that you need to stay calm at all times
and go with the flow. Things will not always go the way you
want or expect them to, even if you plan ahead: so with this in
mind, the next time you lose a big account, are laid off, miss out
on a big publicity opportunity, etc., think of my travel story.

There are so many things out of your control in life that
sometimes you need to just take a breath and go with the flow.

It’s not worth the stress and anxiety to worry about bad
situations and events. After all, sometimes the final result works
in your favor, and the only way to get there is to make it through
the storm first!

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