Crazy Holiday Schedule? Your Content Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be!

Stop the madness and focus on what works with your B2B and B2C content strategy

Don't get overwhelmed with content marketing.You are running around like a crazy person trying to shop, decorate, clean, prepare for guests, pack, wrap, ship gifts… the list goes on. And this doesn’t include all of the things you need to finish at work before you go on a holiday break and the year ends. It’s a busy time of year for everyone. But please don’t get overwhelmed.

Instead, here are a few tips to stop the madness and have a successful month… at home and with your B2B and B2C content marketing:

1. Stop the activities that aren’t working.

Look at your analytics. Are people really looking at your Instagram account and then going to your landing page to make a sale? What about your other campaigns?

If you know which marketing activities are working, concentrate on those this month. Then, reassess the others in next year’s marketing plan.

2. Write good content that actually gets read.

Instead of writing a ton of blogs, e-mails, tip sheets, newsletters, and more, figure out which piece of content will work the best for what you are trying to accomplish. Then, spend the time to write a unique, high-quality piece, optimize it for the search engines and distribute it to the right audiences who will actually read it. You’ll spend less time writing and more time capturing new customers.

3. Take a moment to think.

Stop running around, go to a quiet place and think about your immediate goals. What really needs to be done today, tomorrow and in the weeks ahead for you to be successful this year? Make a list and figure out what activities can wait until you have more time to give them the attention they deserve.

After all, if you rush to complete tasks just to complete them, you are going to waste time and effort… and you might even turn-off new customers with a bad first-impression.

Keep Your Content Marketing Simple.

There is a lot that needs to be finished in a short amount of time this month. But instead of stressing out, keep it simple. Focus on the B2B and B2C content-marketing projects that will produce the best results… and that you can complete on time.

Try to organize your activities, and take a few minutes to think and plan. Otherwise, the holidays will fly by, and you’ll miss this very special time of year!

What’s your favorite, holiday time-saver? Let us know below.

And for more help with your content-marketing plans, please see these entries or write to me here.

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