5 Fast Ways to Boost Holiday Sales with Content Marketing Now!

Take a few hours to make changes that bring results

It’s the peak of the holiday season, and your sales are flat. What can you do?

Here are…

5 Fast Ways to Boost Holiday Sales with Content Marketing Now!
Boost holiday sales with content marketing from Melanie Rembrandt

1.      Review your site.
Potential, new customers are visiting your site to find gifts. Do you give a good, first impression? People are not going to buy from you if your site has misspellings, links that don’t work and other errors. Clean up your content and keep visitors on your site!


2.      Update old data.
Do you have outdated news, press releases, blogs, social-media posts, and other content on your Website? Get rid of it or add new content. Shoppers want to see that a company is current and credible. Old news is not good news.


3.      Make it easy to buy.
When shoppers visit your site, how easy is it for them to buy your products and services? Make it super simple with one-click navigation and purchase options. And provide user-friendly descriptions, shipping information, a quality guarantee, and clear-cut instructions for returns.


4.      Distribute a marketing e-mail.
Create a holiday coupon-code for a limited time, and distribute it via e-mail. If you can’t offer any kind of discount, send out a holiday message to thank your customers and wish them the best in the New Year. You’ll remind customers about your products and services while providing some kind of value. Plus, you can track sales directly from this e-mail.


5.      Use social media.
Create specific content that links to special products and sales on your site, and promote it via your social-media channels. You can also create a holiday blog, tip sheet, podcast, Infographic, press release, or some, other form of content that provides value to your target market. If written well, the search engines will find this data and help you build online awareness.

Provide Holiday Help and Cheer.

If you want to boost holiday sales quickly, think about your customers. What do they want right now?

Provide a Website that is simple to navigate, find information and make a purchase. And offer coupons, tips and valuable content they can use. By thinking about others and spreading holiday cheer, you’ll provide helpful information and build more credibility and awareness for your products and services. This leads to more sales now, and more important, loyal customers in the New Year!

What are you going to do today to improve your content and help customers get what they need this holiday season?

For help with your content marketing this holiday season, check out these tips or write to me here.

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