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In the past few weeks, several new entrepreneurs sent me press releases for review. And one major issue stood out. They all stressed features rather than benefits.


As a small business owner, it is easy to be so passionate about your new products and services that you get wrapped up in explaining all of the details, background and technology behind it. This is great for credibility purposes, but it is not necessarily newsworthy.


When writing your press releases, always think about your audience.


Why will they care what you have to say?


And instead of focusing on the specific features, talk about the benefits.


What will your audience get from using your products and services?


For example, a pencil has an eraser. It is bright yellow and provides a way to write with lead. These are features.


Some of the benefits of the pencil are that it allows you to erase mistakes quickly, save money over purchasing more expensive writing utensils, reduce stress knowing that if you lose the pencil it can be replaced fast, easily write underwater and upside down with it when you need to, etc.


This may be a very simple concept, but it is often forgotten in press-release writing and media relations. Therefore, the next time you read an interesting news item or write a press release, look for the benefits.


Make the extra effort to talk about a benefit for each product or service feature. Your press release will be much more interesting and newsworthy, and you’ll end up saving a lot of extra time and effort.


Thanks for reading, and if you  have any questions or comments, please let me know here or at I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!  

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