How Credible is your BtoB Content?

The key to successful, BtoB content is credibility.

Yes, you want to share a great tips and insights in your BtoB content including your blogs, Website copy, e-mail campaigns, articles, newsletters, and more. But are you forgetting a key aspect that will make potential customers actually listen to what you have to say and buy your products?

Use credible data in your BtoB contentToday, everyone boasts of having the latest and greatest widget and the solution to your biggest, business problem. With all of this buzz, how do you break free and stand out from the competition?

It’s easy. Stop selling and start providing credibility. Instead of telling potential customers how great your business is … prove it. And here are some tips to do just that…

1. Conduct and use outside research.

Every time you write a piece of content, think about how you can back-up your claims. Look for recent research-reports, university studies, quotes from thought leaders, and more. Then, include this data in your content.

And link to the appropriate sources whenever possible. While you may be worried about people leaving your Website to visit the links, don’t. It provides an outside source to validate what you are writing about.

2. Get your own quotes and data.

If you have the time, it’s always best to interview expert resources on your own, and get their direct quotes. Another option is to conduct a survey relevant to want you want to write about and tabulate the results.

You can also obtain customer testimonials and personal, success stories via e-mail, phone and video. (Just make sure you have your respondents sign a waiver stating this it is o.k. to use their information in your marketing efforts.)

This way, you have new and unique information to share in various formats. You can write about your results in a blog, newsletter, e-mail campaign, SEO press release, and more. Now, this data-collection takes time, but it gives you credible and original information you can use to stand out from the competition.

3. Pursue media interviews.

The best way to gain credibility is to have an outside media-venue with a large and loyal following of your targeted audience-members talk about your business. This is third-party credibility you simply cannot buy.

To get this kind of media-attention, reach out to specific media-members and pitch them a targeted story-idea that they will be interested in covering. This falls into the realm of public-relations and takes some skill. But a single media-placement that talks positively about your business can mean an instant increase in sales. Best of all, you can use this “media-clipping” as a credibility-piece in your marketing materials for potential customers.

Credible BtoB Content Equals Sales!

These are just a few, quick ideas to help you add some credibility to your content. Quote valid and current research-studies, original survey results and customers interviews whenever possible in your writing. Also, try to obtain some media-clippings to use in your marketing materials.

Potential customers want to see that you are backing up your claims with the appropriate research and documentation. Give them the credible data they want. You’ll end up providing unique and valuable content they will share with others… and boost sales in the process!

What are you going to do today to increase the credibility of your BtoB content?

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