How to Increase Sales in 3 Steps

If you want new business, here are three quick tips that may help you boost your customer-list fast:

1. Make a list. Check it twice.

Look through all of your contacts and review the people you’ve met in your industry or at various conferences, local business meetings, presentations, etc. Then, make a list.

 Research each of these people and see what they are doing and the status of their business:

  • Are they working with partners you’d like to meet?
  • Do they have new products and services that work well with yours?
  • Are they involved in one of your favorite charities?
  • How can you help each of these people with your unique, products and services?

 Write down all of the information you discover on your list.

2. Ask for Business.

Next, contact the top five people on your list via phone, e-mail, Twitter,, Facebook,, etc. and arrange a time to talk.

Ask them how things are going and what their needs are right now. Let them know what you have to offer and how you can help them. Then, ask for their business. You can also ask to refer you to their business associates.

If they are interested in your products and services, provide the information they need to make a decision and arrange a follow-up call. Keep in touch until you seal the deal.

3. Move On.

If you are not getting anywhere with a particular contact, try to get a “Yes” or “No” answer, and move on. Make a note in your database about their status and a reminder to follow up on a certain date. But if they are not interested, stop wasting your time, and move on to the next contact on your list.

If you don’t have any luck with your list of contacts, don’t worry. At least you’ve reminded them about your business and what you have to offer that is unique. And this is just a healthy reminder that you need to start networking and promote your business.

It’s time to attend industry events, join your local Chamber of Commerce and other business groups, get involved, and meet new people. Also, take a look at your Web site, public-relations activities and marketing materials.

Maybe it’s time to update your information or hire a professional publicist or search engine optimization copywriter to help you?

Obtaining new customers is not always an easy process, and it takes work. But once you get the momentum going and have a marketing and referral process in place, things will get easier and you’ll see sales grow.

These are just a few tips to help you take action and bring in new customers now. If you need more help boosting sales with SEO copywriting for your Web site, public relations and other marketing consultation, please let me know here or at Rembrandt Communications ®, I’m here to help! Thanks!

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