How to Write Great Press-Release-Quotes

If you are in the process of writing a press release, here are a few quick things to keep in mind when writing your   quotes:

  • Provide value.

How many times do you see a press release where the CEO is “thrilled” or “excited” about the news item? Of course he or she is! Otherwise, the company wouldn’t send out the news in the first place!

With this in mind, please remember to provide valuable information in a quote. Have your CEO or spokesperson provide new data or a personal opinion about the news that media members and perspective customers will want to hear.

  • Add SEO keywords.

Quotes are often pulled-out of press releases and inserted into various media venues “as is” so why not make the most of them?

Include search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in your quotes for extra publicity. Who knows? A potential customer may be looking for certain keywords online, find your press release and make a purchase!

  • Keep it short.

When inserting a quote into your release, try to keep it short and sweet. Get your message across as succinctly as possible. This will help make your press release more reader-friendly and help build more buzz.

  • Who are you quoting?

When writing a press release, try to have a business executive give the quote. People want to hear from the leaders of an organization or business, not the communications person. You’ll add more credibility to your release and possibly get more interviews.

These are just quick tips to remember when writing your press releases. Since you’re spending the time and effort to distribute the news, why not get the most out of it as possible?

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