I Need Writing Help!

Take Advantage of Content Management  – Even Without a Budget

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of content marketing and SEO, or search engine optimization. It helps you:

  • Provide value to customers and the search engines.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Build customer word-of-mouth.
  • Boost credibility and sales and more!

Who Has Time to Create SEO Content? I Need Writing Help!

Yes, I know. If you are a busy entrepreneur, you have more important things on your “To Do List” than write a weekly blog and other, online copy, participate in daily, social-media entries, create newsletters… the list goes on.

So what’s the answer to your writing dilemma? Hire a writer to help you!

The best solution is to find an experienced SEO copywriting strategist who can write “copy that sells” and manage your content for you. It may cost more, but you will definitely see the results and know that this professional is well worth the money.

However, if funds are tight and you are just starting your business, you have options… Here are…

3 Ways to Get Great SEO Copywriting without Spending a Fortune

1. Hire an Intern.

While the copy may not be the best quality possible, an intern can provide a lot of writing services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced pro. Just know that it may take several versions and edits to get the results you want.

2. Find a New, SEO Copywriter.

Many new, SEO copywriters are looking for work to add to their portfolios. If you offer an exciting project to show their talents, they may do the work at no cost. Plus, these new writers tend to do a good job because they know it is work that they are going to use as samples to get paying clients in the future. To find these writers, check your local, university job-boards and new writer Websites.

3. Do One Project at a Time.

If you just don’t have the time or resources to find copywriting help, get organized. Figure out what content will provide the best results for your company the fastest. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the SEO copywriting that is needed, focus on one project. This may be a single, SEO blog once a week, a monthly newsletter, a daily social-media post, etc.

Decide what content will help you reach your goals the fastest and prioritize. Just start with one project, and go from there. This way, you can provide original content and still focus on your core, business responsibilities.

SEO Content Management is Important for Business Success.

It can be time-consuming and expensive, but giving your customers, and the search engines, valuable and original content is very important in today’s competitive, business world. And it can be overwhelming because there are so many ways to reach out to customers. But instead of letting the entire process of SEO copywriting and content management stress you out, stop and focus.

Figure out how you can create the best content that will produce the results you want within your budget. You may be able to hire an experienced, SEO content manager to help you. If not, be creative and find other ways to get the copywriting you need.

While it may be easy to ignore content strategies to boost sales… don’t. While you may want to put this entire, SEO copywriting process aside for now – don’t! Your competitors are probably using content management to boost sales as we speak. And the longer you wait to provide valuable and original content, the more sales you lose!


How are you going to provide valuable content to your customers this week?


If you need help with content management and learning how SEO copywriting can significantly boost online awareness, sales and credibility fast, please write to me here.

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