3 Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO Now!

The kids are back at school, and you are settling into a regular work-schedule for the fall. With this in mind, it’s time to think about your SEO processes and make improvements now… before the onslaught of year-end work and the holidays hit.

With this in mind, ask yourself these questions:

What are your SEO keywords doing?

If you haven’t looked at your Google Analytics lately, it’s time to check on the progress of your SEO keywords and landing pages.

What are your customers clicking on most?

Are your landing pages getting some good traffic?

Are the search engines finding your content?

How can you improve your offers?

Take your analytic information and use it to improve SEO copywriting efforts. Write more content related to what your customers are clicking on most. Test different headlines and wording throughout your landing pages to see if you can get more clicks and sales. And if the search engines aren’t finding your site, think about writing an SEO press release, article, blog, and more.

Even if your keywords are doing well, it’s important to strive for more. Try to provide your customers, and the search engines, with the most valuable content possible on a regular basis, and see what happens.

What should you be doing now to plan for the future?

What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year with your business and SEO activities?

Set some time aside to think about your company goals, and how your SEO efforts play a part in accomplishing those goals. Think of new ways to provide valuable content and exceed customer expectations. Then, create a plan to post this content and test the results. Take action now to make things happen!

Now is a Great Time to Think Outside of the Box.

When you are relaxing at home, watching a football game or attending an event for one of your children, keep a pencil and paper nearby. Let your mind wander and think about what you really want and what you want to give your customers.

You never know when you may discover some really unique ways to stand out from the competition and save time and money. If one of these “crazy” thoughts hits your mind, write it down right away. It may lead to other ideas, activities and plans.

Now is the time to regroup. Take a look at your analytics, write and test updated, SEO copy and think of new ideas to move your business forward. This way, you’ll be working on new plans and way ahead of the competition when the busy months ahead begin.

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