Is it newsworthy?

Before you contact the media or post a press release this week, ask yourself if a reporter will really care about what you have to say. If not, you need to conduct more research, develop a new story angle and edit your announcement accordingly.


Try to focus on a valuable benefit, current industry trend or unique idea. Once you rework your pitch, share it with an appropriate customer, co-worker, friend, or family member. You’ll be able to tell if your idea is boring or sparks interest.


Plus, it will give you some practice telling your story before approaching the press. Now, this process does take extra work, but it can definitely mean the difference between getting press attention and wasting time, money and effort.


And if you are having trouble developing newsworthy ideas to share with the press, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Participate in an event.

Look for upcoming charity events in your local area. And if you can’t find anything appropriate, create your own. Work with non-profit organizations, targeted business partners, potential customers, etc. to give something back to the community. While helping others, you’ll create a newsworthy event that press members will want to cover.


Resources include: Chamber of Commerce, Network for Good Non-profit Events, Charity List, Fundraising Answers


2. Create a report or list.

Thanks to David Letterman, people love “Top 10 Lists.” Write your own list or report. Be creative and develop an interesting, short document regarding a big industry trend, current news, survey results, or a solution to a problem. Provide valuable, reader-friendly information and expertise without asking for anything in return.


3. Submit an Op Ed.

Write to your local newspaper and provide your opinion about a published story or current news item. When written in a positive, controversial  or helpful way, this media attention can build credibility and business awareness cost-effectively.


4. Share your expertise.


Develop a presentation that provides valuable information and simple tips. Then schedule, promote and give your speech to your target audience at a local community college, business group or other organization. While offering your expertise and meeting potential new customers, you’ll also garner some media attention.


5. Promote successes.


On a regular basis, talk to your clients, employees, co-workers, and partners to discover success stories. Ask customers how your products and services have helped them increase business growth, reduce costs, find new hires, save time, etc.


Obtain their approvals, and use these testimonials in your publicity and marketing efforts. You’ll have interesting case studies and pitches to share with the media and potential, new customers.


These are just a few, simple tips to help you start developing newsworthy stories. Thanks for reading. Until next time, feel free to send me your ideas, comments and suggestions (or sign-up for my free newsletter at I’d love to hear from you!



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