3 Tips to Jumpstart Fall Sales Now

Get a head start on the busy months ahead

Can you believe it’s almost September?!

The summer is flying by, and soon, it will be the busy, sales season.

Are you ready for it? If not, now is the time to prepare.

Here are three things you can do right now to get the most out of the upcoming, sales season:

1. Create an Editorial Calendar.

Do you have a schedule that includes all of your marketing, PR, content management, SEO, and social-media strategies and tactics? If not, get organized!

Write down all of the activities you need to accomplish to hit business goals for the rest of the year. This way, you’ll avoid missing deadlines and have better control of your messaging to customers.

2. Set Up and Monitor Analytics.

What kind of analytics do you have in place to track Website activities and the results of your marketing efforts?

If you haven’t already done so, set up Google Analytics, create a database of SEO keyword-phrases you are using and a report for various, direct-mail and PPC campaigns, landing pages, and your other, marketing efforts.

3. Hire the Right People.

This way, you can monitor results, make changes as needed for the best results, and save time and money.

If you have too much to do and see a schedule filled with lots of overtime in the future, now is the time to review your situation.

Would it help to hire an intern or virtual assistant to help you with administrative, bookkeeping or research work?

Perhaps, you need to look at hiring a content strategist or SEO copywriter to help you with all of your writing needs?

You can find assistance to match your budget. But if you don’t do it during the slower days of summer, you won’t be ready for the busy days ahead!

Get Ready for Sales!

You may be thinking about your summer vacation days and fun activities with family and friends now. But know that the hectic, end-of-year business months are right around the corner.

With this in mind, take some time to plan ahead now. Organize your activities, deadlines and schedule with an editorial calendar. And, ensure that you have the right analytics and people in place to help you exceed your business goals this year.

Then, you can go back to your final days of summer fun in the sun!

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