Keep Your Content Simple and Watch Sales Soar!

Beware of exhausting marketing messages that don’t work!

Stop writing content that doesn't work.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get excited about your marketing message and want to shout it from the mountain tops. After all, you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into launching your new business.

But, this is where you need to be careful. While you may think you are promoting your business in a positive way and making a good, initial impression with potential customers, you may be doing the opposite.


You’ve spent many hours reviewing everything about your products and services and know it backwards and forwards. However, others do not. Most likely, potential new customers are hearing about your business for the first time and not understand a thing you’re talking about!

With this in mind, here are…

5 Ways to Scare Your Customers Away

1. Use big, industry terms.

You may think your audience knows all about your industry terms, keyword phrases and marketing “speak.” But, more than likely, your customers will have no idea what you are saying and stop reading your content.

Instead, keep it simple and explain any words that may not be self-evident to your target audience.

2. Talk about features and a big marketing message.

I hate to break this to you, but your potential customers don’t care about how many awards you’ve won, all of the features you offer and why you are number one!

They just want to know how you can help them. Stop talking about yourself and provide benefits and solutions instead.

3. Use big sentences and paragraphs.

If you have a lot to share, that’s fine. Just keep it short and sweet.

Keep your sentences to a minimum, and break up your writing into numerous paragraphs. Make your content easy and interesting to read.

4. Run everything together.

Your target market is busy. Use subtitles throughout your writing to make it easier to read. This way, people can just skim the key points and get your message quickly.

5. Post without editing.

After you write new content, have someone review it. If you are “too close to the content,” you may miss key points (not to mention errors) that will turn readers away.

Take the time to proof your content for errors, words and concepts that are difficult to understand and readability. This can mean the difference between wasting time writing or attracting new customers through your content.

Halloween is almost here, but that doesn’t mean your content needs to be scary!

Are your content marketing sales scary?

It’s exciting to launch a new business and finally be able to tell the world about your products and services.

Just be sure to keep your content short, simple and reader-friendly. Use short sentences and paragraphs, and avoid hard-to-understand industry or marketing jargon. Focus on benefits and solutions and what’s in it for your reader.

This way, your marketing messages will get across in a positive way. Then, you’ll have a better chance of engaging potential new customers and see sales soar!

Is your content scaring customers away?

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