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Love Your Content Results?

Does your copy help you boost sales and positive awareness? No? Read on…

It’s time for Valentine’s Day and that means love is in the air… unless your content is not giving you the results you want! Good copy can attract new customers, skyrocket sales, boost online awareness, and much more. So, if you don’t feel the love, it’s time to make some changes and learn…

How to Get Cupid’s Arrow to Hit Your Customers

1. Create a Strategy.

Do you have some kind of strategy and editorial calendar in place for all of your content? If not, create a plan. Simply schedule who is going to write what, why, when, and how on a spreadsheet (or whatever works for you), and how you will track results.

Will you add a specific link at the end of an article, review social media shares, include a unique phone number or email address, or add some other identifier?

This allows you to organize your content and plan your messaging weeks and months in advance. Your team members will know what’s coming up, have time to prepare accordingly and be able to study the results in real-time.

2. Track Stats.

After your content goes live, review audience reactions via comments, Google Analytics, site hits, and more.

Does a specific topic stand out? If so, your customers are speaking to you!

Pay attention, and you’ll be able to create more content relevant to their needs. Update your editorial calendar with the new information, and then repeat the entire process with your new content.

3. Offer New Insights.

If your content doesn’t have an impact on readers, it’s time for a change! Really look at your customer base and provide information that is valuable to them. Offer personal stories, statistics on current trends, news, interviews, and more.

Give people something to talk about and share with friends and family members. Be entertaining and put the needs of your audience first.

4. Try New Mediums.

If you only offer one type of content, look at other options. Today, you can easily create newsletters, videos, podcasts, eReports, Webinars, and much more.

Spice things up a bit! Publish content in different formats that your audience will find new and interesting. Not only will you see better results, but your customers and your team members will have more fun in the process, too!

5. Be Unique.

Focus on the unique qualities of your products and services including benefits, employee expertise, charitable activities, customer testimonials, and more. This is information that only you can offer to your target market, and it gives you a competitive edge.

Fall in Love with Your Content

Instead of wishing you had more customer love for your products and services, take action!

Develop a plan, track results and update your content schedule as needed. Also, provide unique insights, stories and information that potential customers will find valuable and want to share with others. Soon, you’ll feel the love and see sales soar!

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