How to Make More Money Off Of Your Content Right Now

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Does Your Current Content Boost Sales to the Max or are you Missing Opportunities?

Make money with content

You write content including blogs, social media posts, newsletters, emails, and more each month.

You know that it’s important.

But… you are not seeing results from all of this work.


You may be missing out on some key elements that can take your copywriting from bland to super sales fast!

Here’s how…

3 Ways to Make More Money Off Of Your Content Right Now

1. Have a professional, SEO copywriter write your content.

If you are trying to save money having your intern or administrative assistant write your copy, you may actually lose sales in the process.

While someone on your team may be able to write, they probably do not know how to write “copy that sells.”

A trained and experienced copywriter can write content specifically for your target market in a certain way that will ignite emotion and sales.

Plus, if you hire professional writers certified in SEO (search engine optimization), they can ensure that your content is picked up by the search engines and increases online awareness.

This is important because if someone searches for your products and services online, you want your information to appear in the rankings. Otherwise, potential customers will go to your competition instead.

2. Follow an overall content marketing strategy.

Ugh! This sounds complicated and like too much work!

Sound familiar?

Well, a content marketing strategy can take time and effort.

But if you don’t have goals for your content, how are you going to reach them?

A content marketing strategy is a plan for all of your content (including social media posts, blogs, website pages, emails, newsletters, videos, ads, direct mail, case studies, etc.). It helps you convey the right messages to the right people at the right time.

But even more important, a content marketing strategy outlines how you are going to track your content. With tracking mechanisms in place, you can see what potential customers view most, how they react to various messages and more.

Take the time to develop your strategy and tactics, or get a content marketing strategist to help you. Then, you can spend your time, money and effort on content that actually works!

And this takes me to the next point…

3. Create landing pages.

I see this a lot with new clients. They have some great content, but it is not set up for them to bring in new sales.

When you have a content marketing strategy in place, this will definitely include landing pages.

Basically, when you create a specific ad on social media, send out an email campaign, post an article, distribute a newsletter, and more, you want to have a specific call-to-action in mind.

What do you want people to do after they view your content?

You can have them call a specific number, respond to a special email or set up a unique page on your website specifically for responses to your content (a landing page).

On this landing page, you guide potential customers through the buying process and give them benefits backed by credibility statements, emotional triggers, and more. These pages are what help “close the deal.”

And while your intern or employee may be a good writer, they probably do not have the skill of an experienced SEO copywriter to write a landing page that brings in the most sales possible.

Are you Ready to Boost Sales with Content that Works?

Content may just seem like something on your “to do” list that you need to create and post on a regular basis.

But, it’s much more than that. If done correctly, it can be a major part of your sales process and give you a significant, competitive advantage.

To make your content worthwhile, work with an experienced, SEO copywriter who can write copy specific to your business goals and optimize it for the search engines.

Also, develop a content marketing strategy so you can plan all of your content, develop goals and track results accordingly. Create specific landing pages to provide valuable information to potential customers that entices them to buy.

This way, your content will actually increase sales and become an important part of your overall, bottom line!

Are you ready to boost sales with content that works?

For more information and help with your SEO copywriting and content marketing strategy, please see these articles or contact me here.

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