Are Your Marketing Messages Scary?

Fix your scary marketing messaging

Don’t make your customers run to the competition!

It’s that time of year when frightful thoughts and messages fill the air for Halloween… but your marketing messages and public relations’ pitches should not be part of this!

If you have the wrong copy on your website, emails, newsletters, advertisements, press releases, story ideas, and other materials, you may be scaring customers away! That’s why it’s important to review all of your messaging on a regular basis.

Now, this can be time consuming, so just start with a few questions…

Scary marketing messagesAre You Guilty of these Scary Marketing Message Mistakes?

  • Do you talk about how great you are?

Does all of your messaging focus on the features of your products and services and how wonderful you are?

News flash!

People don’t care. They want to know what’s in it for them so be sure to talk about all of the unique benefits and value you offer them instead (even the media)!

  • Is it all sell, sell sell?

If all you do is go on and on about your offers and focus on selling, you are doing yourself a disfavor.

Your customers do not want to be sold to at any time. They want to know what you have for them that will solve their problems and make them happy.

They also want to see the people behind your business and feel good about their purchase. If all you do is sell, you can’t show others who you really are or why your products and services are unique and valuable to their needs.

  • Are there mistakes in your content?

This may not seem important, but grammatical and spelling errors can give a bad first impression. Some potential customers may see these mistakes and wonder if you will miss errors when they work with you… not good (especially if you are in banking, insurance, accounting, and other money-related areas).

  • Do you offer credibility?

 Whenever you discuss your products and services, offer links to statistics, current research, surveys, studies, and other information. (Note that these need to be authentic stats… not some website quoting a study. Always find the real study and quote that!)

Also, add testimonials, media clippings, videos, online reviews, and more to your marketing materials. This way, potential customers will see that you care about backing up your data with facts and what others have to say about your products and services. 

  • Do you tell people where to go? (You can here! LOL!)

At the end of your content, are you providing a next step for customers to follow? Guide them through the process and let them know what they need to do to get more information, buy your products, contact you, and more.

Stop Frightening Potential Customers Away!

These are just a few quick insights to help engage media members and your targeted audience to keep them from running to the competition. Yes, these may seem like simple updates, but they can make a huge difference in sales… and your publicity results. Plus, you may even find a few scary surprises that need to be fixed right away!

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