How To Measure Your Content Marketing For Better Results

Measure your content marketing strategy for better results

3 Steps to Make the Most of Your Copywriting Now!

Are you measuring your content marketing results? If not, you waste time and effort.

Measure your content marketing strategy for better results

Many new, small business owners come to me with blogs, emails, success stories, and more that follow an editorial calendar. They are on the right track, but they have no idea whether their content is giving them results or not.

Sound familiar?

Well, here are some steps to help you monitor your content accordingly and stop wasting time, money and effort…

3 Steps to Measure Your Content Marketing for the Best Results

1. Add goals to your editorial calendar.

When you create your schedule of content (blogs, social media posts, success stories, articles, emails, etc.), add a goal for each.

What do you want to accomplish with this copywriting piece?

Do you want more people to click on a link to read more?

Do you want readers to call or send you an email for more information?

Do you want visitors to fill out your contact form and enter your sales funnel?

Once you know what you want readers to do, enter the specific goal for each piece of content in your editorial calendar.

2. Create a measurable call-to-action.

At the end of your content piece, add the “call-to-action,” or whatever you want readers to do.

If you want them to send you an email or call you, insert an email address or phone number you can track that is specific to that piece of content.

If you can’t create a unique phone number, have site visitors mention a discount code or campaign name when they call your main number.

Or, have your receptionist ask callers where they heard about your business and record that information.

You can also use a unique URL. Simply create a specific page on your site relevant to whatever message you want to convey (a landing page). Then, you can track this URL.

Another option is to copy the URL of the page you are tracking into a service like or,

Here, you create a shortened and unique URL. Later on, you simply go back to these sites to see how many people clicked on your link.

And this brings me to the next step…

3. Track results for all content.

Get content marketing strategy results

Once your content goes live, check your results.

How many people called your office?

How many emailed you?

How many people clicked on your links?

Review your stats in Google Analytics. To find this data, open your Google Analytics account.

Then, click on “Behavior,” “Site Content,” “All Pages,” and look for your unique page to see how many people viewed it, clicked on it and more.

What To Do With the Results.

Now, you can actually see what content is working and what isn’t. Use this information to discover what your customers want to read about, and write more of this popular content.

Also, check the data for the methods that get the best response rate. Do your potential customers like to call you, send an email, fill out a simple form, or something else?

Edit your content marketing strategy accordingly to meet the needs of your customers. And then repeat this entire process.

Today’s technology gives you the information you need to save time, money and effort to get the best results for your content marketing. But, you have to use it to make a difference!

Yes, it takes a little extra time to prepare a specific goal, call-to-action and tracking mechanism for each piece of content. But this data enables you to give your target market valuable content in the easiest way for them to respond… and this means more happy customers and sales growth!

Now, are you ready to start tracking all of your content to boost sales and customer relationships?

For more information and help with your SEO content marketing strategy, please see these articles or contact me here.


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