Does the Media Know About You?

Public relations can help you boost sales and create a positive reputation

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When you have a big event, new product or service or news to share, does the media know about it?

What about your online reputation? Could it use some help?

Whether you are in real estate, construction, health, or anything else, entrepreneurs often forget about the power of public relations, or PR. By having a reporter talk about your business, you receive third-party credibility you simply can’t buy.

Plus, when your audience-members read about your products and services, they are more likely to visit your website and learn about what you have to offer.

For example, a story I placed for my client in “Diesel Progress” ended up getting them $94,000 worth of new orders. A customer basically walked into the store with the article, and said, “I want this!” Now, this is a best-case scenario, but it just goes to show you what a well-placed media-mention can do.

With this in mind, how can you take advantage of public relations for your business?

3 Simple Tips to Get the Power of the Press Working For You

  1. Write Monthly Press Releases.

On a monthly basis, create at least one press-release that discusses something newsworthy about your business. It can relate to your products and services, a new client, contract or hire, charitable events, and more.

The point is to post the news on your website so that you look current and newsworthy. This way, all of the information is on your site for everyone to see and share. You can also add your information to free, press release posting sites for additional awareness.

  1. Contact Targeted Media-Members.

 How are media members going to write about you if they don’t know who you are or what you have to offer?

Make a list of local media-members and those who cater to your target market. Research what they cover and how they like to be contacted. Follow them on social media.

Create a valuable story that is unique and interesting, and then, call each media-member and introduce yourself. At least they will know who you are, and you can share your news, events, reports, and more with them in the future!

  1. Market Your Media.

Once you receive some publicity with a published story, use that media-clip in your marketing efforts. Share it via social-media and your newsletter. Post it on your website in an online newsroom. Print it out and share it with potential clients. Be creative.

You worked hard to get that coverage so be sure to let everyone know about it.

A Few PR Tips to Start

These are just a few, PR tips to help you start promoting your business. Sometimes, we forget about the power of the press. But it can have a direct influence on your online reputation, sales, marketing efforts, and more.

If you want to gain third-party credibility that you simply can’t buy, reach out to targeted media-members with your unique news. With the right story placements, you’ll see online awareness increase significantly, and your competitors will race to catch up!

What are you going to do today to promote your business?

For help with your PR efforts to create a positive, online reputation, please see these entries, or contact me here.

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