Need Great Talent? Use Public Relations To Hire The Best!

Use public relations, or PR, to find top talent!

PR is your secret weapon to bring top talent to you!

Everyone is hiring, and the competition for top talent is fierce. You have limited resources to find just the right person with the skills, experience and attitude you need. Things may look grim, but they don’t need to!

Did you know that you can have fantastic candidates come to you instead?

PR is your hiring secret!

What would happen if your dream hire read about you online, saw you on a television program or heard your interview on the radio or a podcast? They would:

• Learn more about your business and why you are unique;
• Give you some credibility because you are on the program as an expert in your field; and
• Know that you are hiring the best candidates possible right now.

By using public relations, this can be a reality. And the best part is… it only costs you time and effort.

Unlike advertising, you receive third-party credibility you simply can’t buy when you get a positive mention in the media. This is “free” promotion where thousands of potential candidates (and customers) see or hear you talking about all of the valuable benefits you have to offer, your special work culture and more.

Public Relations Delivers Your Competitive Advantage.

This sounds great, but how do you make it happen? It just takes a few, simple steps:

1. Decide why candidates will want to work with you.

Develop messaging that describes all of the valuable benefits available at your business for new hires. Start by listing all of the standard information about your healthcare, retirement plans, training, vacation days, salaries, etc.

But, know that your main message should focus on things you offer team members that your competition doesn’t. For example, when working with you, how will employees:

• Make a difference in their local community and beyond?
• Develop as human beings?
• Be involved with innovative technology, interesting experiences and exciting trends?

Develop your message specifically for potential new hires with this in mind.

2. Create a list of media venues.

Next, conduct research and find the publications, radio shows, television programs, blogs, podcasts, and other media venues that reach the talent you want.

Write down all the venues you want to pursue and include the contact information for each media member you need to reach.

  • Who will care about your message and want to share it with others?
  • Who can present you as an industry expert?
  • What’s in it for their audience?

Remember, you need to provide value. Talk about your pet-costume contest for charity, BBQ cook-off competition, European trip contest for employees, guest speaker events, or whatever makes your business and work culture unique.

3. Make contact.

Call the media members on your list, introduce yourself and share your message. Also, let them know that you are available as an expert resource for any future stories.

Go through your list of media venues one at a time. Eventually, you will get through to someone who wants to share your story and interview you as an expert in your field. If not, you need to change your message and review it with fellow associates or publicity experts to see why it’s not working.

Repeat this process and PR becomes your secret weapon in the hiring process!

With just one media mention, you can capture the attention of the perfect job candidates who may not have known about your business. Plus, your press clippings add an impressive touch to your new-employee marketing materials and onboarding process.

Think about it. Let’s say your business appears in the press frequently promoting your special work culture, valuable employee benefits, expertise, success in the industry, and more… with no mention of the competition. Do you think potential job candidates will call you first? You become the celebrity company to work for in your industry, and top talent contacts you!

Now, are you ready to take advantage of public relations to hire the best-of-the- best?

For more insights and PR help, check out this information!

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