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Bring in new patients and customers.


Boost sales.


Build relationships with printed newsletters that are as unique
as you!


Do you send PRINTED newsletters out on a monthly basis via snail mail?

If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to bring in new patients and customers, build positive word-of-mouth and stand out from the competition!

Yes, email newsletters are super simple and cheap, but do your prospective clients open them?

If not, what’s the point?

People are overwhelmed with emails, texts, phone calls, videos, and other digital messages.

Plus, you have no control over social media platforms and other services that you don’t own.

Instead, why not send out a personal newsletter each month that your target market will care about, look forward to reading and actually open?

Unique Print Newsletters from Rembrandt Communications to the Rescue!

Each month, you can have a personalized, unique newsletter mailed out to your list where you’ll:

* Build relationships and bring in new patients and clients.

Dr. Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP

“If you can hire Melanie Rembrandt, do it! Unlike other consultants out there, Melanie has your interests at heart. She will provide honest insights that will help you save time and money… while getting the best results possible. As an experienced copywriter and publicist, she created a detailed PR and content strategy for me, and wrote copy specific to my unique audience, that increased awareness quickly and helped bring in new clients. She works well with team members, fixes issues you may be unaware of to improve your brand image and goes above-and-beyond to ensure your success. Not only have I been happy with Melanie, my clients have achieved similar successes with her assistance and guidance.”—
Dr. Mitch Levin, MD, CWPP, CAPP

Every month, your targeted audience members will receive interesting and valuable information from you… in print.

Not only is this a great way to share important tips and information, but it’s also a good reminder to make an appointment!

Your audience will also learn more about your business or practice and all of the unique benefits you offer. (They may even share your print newsletter with their friends and family members!)

* Stand out from the competition!

How many of your competitors are mailing out professional, printed newsletters each month specific to their customers’ needs?

Your monthly newsletter can give you a competitive edge and help you break away from all of the “noise” out there!

* Save time and money.

All newsletters are sent with a real stamp through the U.S. postal service by professionals.

No need to write, design, print, staple, create mailing labels, manage your list, or travel to the Post Office each month!

Everything is taken care of for you.
After all, you and your team members have better things to do!

NOTE: If you’d rather stick to email campaigns and digital marketing only, these printed newsletters are NOT for you.

Printed newsletters from Rembrandt Communications are for serious professionals who want to share valuable and helpful information with their target market in a unique way.

This is an ADDITION to your other marketing and PR tactics.

Now, if you want to provide informative and entertaining content to your target market on a monthly basis in your voice, style, personality, and tone, read on…

All of your print newsletter content is written by a HUMAN BEING, not AI!

Patient newsletters from Rembrandt Communications get results!

Hi! I’m Melanie Rembrandt, and we can’t wait to help you provide your target market with valuable information they look forward to receiving!

Your newsletter is based on extensive industry research and current trends.

Our experienced copywriters conduct the research necessary to create your unique content, and all work is reviewed by a dedicated editor who has published thousands of pieces of content for decades.

The work we provide is a direct reflection of the reputation we’ve built over decades, and we take your results and customer service very seriously.

We also check for appropriate spelling and grammar usage, plagiarism, facts, copyright issues, and other important data.

This way, you don’t get an ugly legal note or unexpected fee for using images, content and data you shouldn’t be using!

Most important, the content will convey your unique style, personality and tone.

It is specific to your needs and ORIGINAL.


This means that you can add it to your site as a blog or article, send it out via email, post it on social media, use it in your marketing… the possibilities are endless!

No Surprises!

You’ll know what your newsletters will look like before they go out.

We NEVER add anything you haven’t approved, and this includes advertisements from
outside sources!

Plus, we work with an experienced printer (that’s all they do!), so there are no added costs when it comes to printing!

That’s right. We don’t mark up your printing costs at all!

You’ll know exactly what they are in advance. (Wow! Some actual integrity for a change!)

What is the Cost?

Your newsletter will be as unique as you and your business or practice and written specifically for your audience.

Once we have our strategy session, you’ll get the exact fees upfront with no surprises.

The printing and mailing fees are based on a minimum of 100 recipients and current mailing rates which are subject to change. 

This is an exciting, proven way to stand out from the competition, actually reach your target market with valuable information and bring in new customers, clients and patients!

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