Avoid Being a Panda in Your SEO Efforts

Google’s Panda Update has caused quite a stir in the search engine optimization (SEO) world. Basically, Google changed it algorithm so that the Websites that provide value rise to the top of search-engine listings.

And the content farms posting articles, Website pages, blogs, etc. filled with massive amounts of will be penalized.

While this update is not good for many companies, it can help your site increase rankings on the search engines.

And how do you do this?

Avoid Being a Panda Bear at All Cost to Boost SEO Rankings!

Not sure how to optimize your site for the search engines?

Instead of thinking about the Panda Update, think about a stuffed panda-bear toy, and follow these three simple tips:

1. Don’t Be Too Fluffy.

Do you offer your customers information they can use, or is your site packed with content about your products and services?

Instead of providing detailed information about your business and all the features you provide, give your customers solutions, tips, insights, and other content that provides value. And this goes for your Web page content, Tweets, facebook posts, videos, and more.

After all, your target market doesn’t want to read about “fluffy” messages that do not provide value. Instead, focus on What’s in it for them?

2. Avoid Over-Stuffing.

As I mentioned in my previous post here, do not stuff your Web pages and online content with keywords.

Just like you do not want a stuffed panda-bear bursting at the seams with too much filling, the search engines do not like content overstuffed with keywords.

And more importantly, your site visitors do not want to read repetitive content that does not flow or make sense!

To avoid this, read your content aloud after you write it. Does it flow and provide value? If not, reduce the number of keywords you are using and concentrate on providing information your customers want to hear.

3. Stop the Silence!

Stuffed animals cannot interact, but you can. When you read customer comments on your site or via social media, respond quickly! Today, business success is about fulfilling customer needs and building loyalty.

If your customers know you are listening to their feedback, you’ll increase credibility. Plus, this interaction will give you fantastic insights about your customers’ desires and help you solve issues before they turn into major problems or PR nightmares.

And in addition to comments, try communicating with your customers with surveys, online forums, e-mail auto-responders, blogs, and more. The more you interact with your customers, the better chance you will have of satisfying their needs and beating the competition.

Get a Panda Hug from your Customers!

All of the search engine optimization updates can be confusing. But if you focus on providing valuable content that is user-friendly, and communicate with your customers on a regular basis, you will see your search-engine rankings improve.

And if you give customers what they want and make them happy, they just may give you a big, panda bear hug in return!

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