How to Create Positive, Word-of-Mouth

Are your customers helping you grow your business?

Content strategy, public relations, direct mail, social media…. the list goes on. There are many ways to boost sales and awareness at your business. But with all of the marketing tools available, it can be easy to forget the one, basic thing that will grow your business now and for many years to come… positive word-of-mouth.

And while many of you already know the importance of having your customers share their experience with your products and services with others, new entrepreneurs may need….

3 Tips to Boost Positive Word-Of-Mouth for Your Business


1. Whatever you do, think about your customers’ needs first.

While you may be anxious to try the latest, marketing trend to get fast results, stop and think about what you are doing. Will your latest tacticS answer customer questions and give them the products and services they want right now?

When you start your content strategy, PR and marketing plans, think about how you can give your customers what they really want in the best way possible. If you don’t know, conduct surveys, research and do focus groups to find out!

2. Monitor and interact with consumers.

When was the last time you reviewed customer feedback? Are you really giving customers what they want and need?

If you haven’t seen a boost in sales and are not monitoring customer correspondence, you do not have a good feel for your customers’ desires right now. Consumers change their minds regularly depending on current trends, news and the economy. Be sure you know what they are talking about, how they would like you to improve your business to fit their needs and what they are saying about your products and services to others on a daily basis. This will help you give them what they want and give you a competitive edge.

3. Provide value.

Are you giving your customers the best products and services possible? People want valuable information, high-quality products with beneficial results and excellent, customer-service. If you constantly strive to improve your products and service, and exceed expectations, your customers will notice and tell their friends.

Get People Talking About Your Business.

While content strategy, marketing and public relations are all important ways to communicate with customers, the best way to spread the word about your business is through positive word-of-mouth. People trust recommendations from their friends and family members so you want to get in that circle-of-trust. How?

Think about your customers’ needs and strive to fulfill them in the best way you possibly can. And once you accomplish this, continue to improve your business products, service and processes on a regular basis to exceed the changing desires of your customers. If you do this, you’ll see a big boost in positive buzz and sales!


What are you going to do today to exceed customer expectations?


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