Ready for a Big, PR Launch? Don’t Fight Campaign News

If you are getting ready to launch a new product or Website, it’s probably not the best time to do so. Right now, the media is focused on the elections and campaign news. However, there are still some ways to generate media attention.

1. Work with the election season.

Is there any way you can tie your products and services to the elections? If you have some news, try to find a way to connect it to political happenings.

You can either support a particular proposition, candidate or local event, or you can do a more “general” news event that remains neutral to both sides. It just depends on your company’s mission, your audience and the brand image you are trying to portray. Just be aware that if you pick sides, you will receive opposition from those who disagree with your choice.

2. Do something fun.

Instead of supporting a particular, political viewpoint, why not have fun with the elections? Hold an online contest related to the election. Have people send in videos, photos or testimonials on how they are using your products and services in relation to the campaign season. Set up a quick survey on your Home page about a particular issue. Be creative, and use a political theme to draw people to your site.

3. Prepare for the holidays.

If you just want to stay away from politics and the elections completely, that’s not a problem. Instead, use this time to plan for the busy, holiday months ahead. Get your marketing messages, e-mail campaigns, social media and PR strategies ready for November, December and January. When the campaign news dies down, you’ll be able to move forward fast with the appropriate tactics.

Take Advantage of This Time!

Yes, it’s campaign season, and you may need to wait to announce big news in order to get better coverage. After all, politics are taking over the media right now, but that’s no reason for despair. Take advantage of it!

Relate your products and services to something having to do with the campaigns, create something fun on your Website to draw people in, or just ignore the whole thing and use this time to prepare for your holiday, marketing strategies.


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